Internet recommendation?

Can somebody recommend me a good connection for this game? I’ve tried at least 3 and none of them works for me on gears and I mean %90 %80 of damage not same rank lobby’s and all that stuff.

A 90ms ping or above would do the trick. Anything lower you’re going to suffer from those high pinged players. But even then, if you have a steady 90ms ping it won’t do as much as you’d hope because it’s those with inconsistent lag spikes that cause the largest amount of issues.

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All depends on your region and what’s available tbh.


Lol, he’s talking about what kind of ping does he need to dominate lobbies because his shots don’t register properly. I figure any ISP provided Gateway on their lowest tier package, preferably DSL, would do the trick. Just ensure you’re placing your Gateway in the backyard and have the Xbox on the other side of the house.


I have played extensively at several pings. Low 30s, low 60s, low 80s, and 90-110. (Not on purpose and not with the intent of performing any experiments) even played on a separate account at 110 ping. Hundreds of matches, exclusively with that ping.

My k/d was actually lower on the 90-110 ping (by about 2 hundredths) than at the other pings.

My favorite is low 30s and low 60s.

Gnasher battles are noticeably worse for me at 110 ping.

I have a handful of times played at 180 ping. What I found there was that everyone who I got in a gnasher fight with became geriatric and slow to react. I was quick and nimble and they had no idea what was happening to them. Needless to say I won a lot of 1v1s. It was fun. Before I realized that it was my ping.


Dial-up connection works for me


Same here I have AOL.


In that case, the sweet spot seems to be 60-75ms.

90ms is perfect against low pingers or other 90-120ms.

Makes no sense because any other game, you would want close to 0 :sweat_smile:


My point exactly lol


what are u talking about there? 90 ping is perfect? i have to play with this stupid ping and cant get d5 because i cant compete vs others d4 or d5 20 ping guys
.so lower ping and opened nat is the choice


High pings sponge everything when I play against them. They’re killing me with their backs turned to me while they just eat shots.

Maybe there is more to these issues than actual pings? I do notice a 90ms ping from California using a server across the country sponges much less than a 90ms ping from Mexico who constantly sponges and basically feels like they’re using a god mode cheat. I have played with a 90ms before and my shots register much better than they do at 20ms though. At 20ms, despite obvious logic, I am a whole second behind a 90ms Mexico connection. They’re not even around the wall yet and I’ve already died.

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i dont know about mexicans but on europe servers low ping dudes have an advantage over high pings.hard aim should help vs spongers most of the time

I played with @III_EnVii_III before on a Europe server but I’m from the USA. I had a 95ms ping but it was steady and while I was still getting killed all of my shots registered as one would expect them too. Yes, there was a delay but if I pulled the trigger on a 20ms ping player it would kill them regardless. When we went back to the US servers and I had a 20ms ping my shots didn’t do any damage to a 90ms ping Mexican.

This game makes no sense.

Edit: Just to touch on this subject a bit more. I played a match that had my whole team at 50ms or below but the enemy team was 90ms+ and the sponging was unreal. Enemies were killing me before my game even knew they came around the wall and fired a shot. That’s the biggest issue with the way this game is programmed - my lower ping is actually a second behind their game despite me sending the data faster. That in itself needs to be fixed.


Holy cow, lol. I just played a KotH match where two enemies steady pinged 1100ms for the whole match but they didn’t get booted out. How is that even possible?

One thing that I find painful is, allow the connection to the “multi-player” while the downloads are active. If we do not stop it manually or remove the automatic downloads, we can fall against players they have forgotten (in quotation marks) they downloaded. It seems to me that on xbox360, the downloads were immediately interrupted when connecting to mutiplayer of a game.

No thank you unless you do it based on bandwidth. It already annoys me that my downloads slow down to very slow speeds while I play multiplayer because I have way more bandwidth than Xbox will even use for downloads. At most Xbox uses 280Mbps but I have 940Mbps to use which is plenty of headroom. Unfortunately, it already goes down to about 20-30Mbps when playing which is a damn shame. I really wish they’d implement bandwidth based downloads at this point

It was a recommendation, and an invitation to check his own system’s options for downloads, not advice for unsportsmanlike behavior. Another note is about the recordings you capture, if you do not set your broadcast options, the captures will be automatically pulled. So in full session, some do not “know” that they download

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I didn’t mean for that to sound harsh. Also, recordings will upload extremely slow so I’m not sure any of this is an issue. Regardless though, I think the important thing here is for Microsoft to ensure you only use so much bandwidth based on what your bandwidth currently is. If the server can pull a Gigabit than it should allow downloads at the 280 Mbps threshold. If your internet can only pull 10Mbps your download should likely be paused during online play because that’s likely an inconsistent DSL connection with severe bandwidth spikes.

Too bad they likely won’t ever do this as it’s probably looked upon as a waste of resources.

Indeed, the impact of downloading in the background is more or less important depending on its bandwidth, but in my case I avoid. Because I feel that it does not make me competitive and even less sporty.

Lol. Like telecom operators (the shareholders), they do nothing on their side !!

Funny enough my internet provider is actually on my side. Amazingly enough they actually wanted me to cut the cable and use a third party service and they offer Gigabit Fiber for $70 per month for the first two years and $90 per month thereafter. It’s cheap with no data caps which is also a rare thing in many markets.