Intermission between rounds is too long

So this applies to both Versus & Horde, but the between round intermission is far too long. It comes out to around 18 seconds each round. And in modes like 2v2 gnashers, the rounds are over quicker than the intermissions take.

What I suggest is once the round is over, just show the current standings on who won and lost each round, then start the next. We don’t need to see the scoreboard for kills and deaths. And a 3 second countdown would be just fine for starting the next round.

I hope this small change is considered for Gears 5. Thanks!

I agree. It may be the way the game disguises loading times, but who knows. If you add up the amount of time you’re looking at the scoreboard in 2v2, it’s a lot of time. Consider that the scoreboard is available all the time and even during the 5+ second countdown before the round starts, I can only assume the feature is there for loading sequences.

Another minor thing I noticed is that even if you have the music turned off, the “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOOOOOOM” still blares after every round, which can get pretty annoying when yore trying to listen to music when you’re playing or you just don’t want to hear it.

Other than that, this game’s UI is pretty good compared to most games.