Interesting review of GoW4, which shows relevance to G5 now :)

i came across this, from 3 years ago:

and this paragraph:

If you’re a new game studio taking the reins of an existing franchise, you basically have two options. You can strive to put your own stamp on the series keeping only its most essential elements as you work to design a fresh and innovative experience. Or you can show your reverence for what came before by changing very little in an effort to recapture – perhaps even duplicate – the magic of the most beloved parts.

Less than a month before launch, Gears of War 4 is looking incontrovertibly like a case of the latter.

and it looks like they created a popular game…

Now with gears 5, it looks like their really went for the former in the above, and the effort floated like a lead balloon…


Since they didn’t do that, the game its failing terribly.

This was the very first time that I went through this process: I only got into Versus with GoW4 (ever, any game), so speaking for myself:

I find it ludicrous that anyone would take something I loved, throw it completely upside down, and expect me to just “adjust”, lol…

I don’t understand how developers can fail to understand such a basic concept: learn what people love and give them MORE of that! Don’t decide to just throw it out the window and make things up from scratch…

Last night was the first time, in over 2 years, that I found myself looking at a Gears main screen (G5) and just having zero desire to press A, on any of the menu options… I think I played 1-2 coop games, and just left in the frustration of zero enjoyment of movement or weapon dynamics…

I loaded up GoW4 and had a few fun games there, even with the Core gnasher :wink:

Correct man, I remember TC’s telling us that we have to adapt at some point. the customers didn’t adapt at anything… its a plain situation… " either they like the game or not ".

I’ve just read that Battlefield V playerbase are leaving the game for dead , due of lots of changes , now the developers are pushing and asking for suggestions to fix the game… you can change what works into something THE DEVELOPER THINK IT WORKS and expect playerbase to like… it just doesnt work llike that in any business.

Happened to me as well yesterday, I just started once again GOW 4 and spent there alomst 4 hours , leaving with a excellent experience… G5 doesnt do that… it just makes me angry at some many levels.

Now imagine if Gears 5 was basically GoW4 with:

  1. New campaign (current one, even),
  2. Same Horde mechanics and same Versus mechanics (with weapons half way between core & comp tuning)
  3. 20 new additional maps: 10 brand new, 10 brought back old classics
  4. New characters (fine, halo, terminator, etc)
  5. Better graphics

I think most of the players would love it, after a bit of time to adjust to the SLIGHTLY different tunings…


Being completely honest with you man… if such game existed I would have been able to pay even 300 dollars for it, to show the support for such game.

I wouldn’t never considered to pay it from Game Pass , since such game would be a love letter to the loyal playerbase, the purists and people who enjoy the game like me.

As I told Ryan Clever if the ammo scarcity on horde could be fixed and increase ammo capacity at least on lacer could be arraged as in 4 , I would buy the full copy of it , just for that change.

I really care about the franchise… that would really mean the world to have such game as you described @Omen_LP

Same rank system as well.