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Hi Gears,

So am and have always been a big Die Hard John Mclaine fan. I have and have watch them them all. Last night was watching Live Free or Die Hard. this is with John Daughter Lucy when she is grown up.

If you watch the scene after the gas line exsplosion. John and Mathew Farel the hacker go to see the warlock at his house. if you look behind him when they 1st enter his COMMAND center lol. you will see Gears of war On the monitor to the right side.

the warlock is also the guy who hosted comic book guys or something like that.

I never really saw that till last night.

any other movies that have had or favorite game gears in it?


GOW1 (I think) appears in an episode of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. I couldn’t tell you the episode, but I think it’s in the first half of season 2 where John goes to a party with his girlfriend.


Some kids mention GOW in Attack The Block. Decent film IMO.

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If you are such a big Die Hard fan, you would notice you spelled his name wrong. It’s John McClane. Not Mclaine.



Thanks for pointing that out. I am sure it added to the thread. Just to save you the grammer Nazi pain and since you missed it. The other name is Matthew Farrell not Mathew Farel.

I apologies my disabilities caused you so much reading pain.


Oh i don’t care about Matthew at all.

Die hard should of ended after vengeance

The Lancer and a few other GoW items are in the movie Ready Player One

I’m rewatching the original run of The X Files, and there’s a character in the season 2 episode “Sleepless” called Augustus Cole (played by Tony Todd). Just a coincidence though, as this episode predates GOW by over 10 years.

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When I watched Ready Player One I was cracking up when Artemis pulled a Lancer as the last weapon left in her arsenal.

Also in Hurt Locker there is a scene where a young solder plays original Gears of War.

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Tbh a solid show

Now I want to hear Tony Todd voice Cole with the Candyman voice.

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Gears of War 3 is played by Kimchi in Kim’s Convenience, and what I think is Gears of War Ultimate is played by Jason in The Good Place.

Microsoft knows how to slip in product placement.

JD looks a lot like bald Sam Worthington actor who plays “Monster” from Sabotage movie.

Found this out, a week or two ago.

Tell me they don’t look similar (click here for image)

They don’t look similar.