Interesting Lore Characters id like to see in Gears 5 MP

E-Day Oscar ( i know oscar variants were a meme in gears 4 but this would be badass)

Palace Myrrah (gears 2 and we see her in this attire in the gears 5 trailer)

D Carmine

Keegan (Onyx Guard)

Savage Tai Kaliso

Franklin and Chaps

Vurl Jurmad


Ketor Vrol

Carlos Santiago

Helena Stroud

If their is any lore characters youd like to see, add them below!

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Keegan has already been revealed, at least for Escape.

He means Keegan but with the Onyx Guard armor like Sofia.

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I see. Even a generic Onyx Guard would be great. :wink:

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Onyx Guards are almost confirmed… EHE :yum:

Why would you do this to me!

For mentioning another Oscar skin I instantly wanted to bury you 300ft underground, then build a skyscraper over that specific spot. After reading Palace Myrrah I now have to blow up and demolish my fully populated skyscraper, dig you up and resuscitate you. Yes there’s a chance you’re already bones but that’s not my fault. Do you now understand what you’ve done?!

Anyway, I’ve wanted Palace Myrrah since Gears 3, there’s a specific line on the dress where they can shorten it to without it looking ridiculous.

No ■■■■ :joy: