Interesting glitch , those who may want seriously 2.0

I just did the daily hive for the detour to get the last little exp I needed for my striker and found an interesting glitch . For those trying to get seriously 2.0 and lots of kills this works great .

For escape hive the detour I used striker I had all cards except melee rush and score boost . My gsd was at 4 the rest at level 6 .
Take the detour all the way to the end in act one . At the last safe room at the opposite side there’s a spawn point for juvies . I believe there are unlimited juvies that spawn so I don’t think it’s a glitch . I just melee the hell out of them and with the gsd stim and other perks took no damage and could have sustained this for hours . With no increased health buff they all die in one hit and the gsd kills them all as well .

Cool little thing i wanted to share in case no one else Hs done this before

Interesting…and all this time I thought Act 5 - Chapter 5: Closure, onboard the Brumak, was the best method for Seriously 2.0.


It has been mentioned once or twice previously :stuck_out_tongue:

Much better with leech rather than juvie spawn

It also isnt infinite the spawns do stop eventually.

~400 Juvies and ~800 Leeches


Thank you, couldn’t remember the exact numbers, was thinking 400 and 650


I saw that one time with a brawler who performed a chain reaction (explosion loop) at the spawn on this hive.
It was crazy. Around 2 or 3 kills each second.
I was a bit behind when it began He had more than 300 kills when we got to the safer room.
Totally weird …

Until your post I thought it was only possible with a brawler bc of ATG.

Going into Detour on Beginner at act 1 and starting that chain reaction explosion on enemies with All The Glory in that final spawner is one of the best stress relief methods. Especially since you get to do it on Juvies and Leeches which are two of the most annoying enemies in the game.

I don’t think this helps with Seriously at all? If you want to farm kills/damage in Escape, you can just do a custom hive.

I don’t understand… Seriously 2.0 was… a different game… and a different console generation…


I think there was some confusion in the OP’s head when they made the post and was reminded of the Brumak kill farming for Seriously 2.0(something I never took part in and was not aware of years later, but until Gears 4 I didn’t really care about the Seriously achievement anyway).

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Madokon mentioned this in his youtube video, You should follow him he helps alot with ToD medals and cheesing things

I assume OP is calling it Seriously 2.0 because 5 has the 100,000 elimination achievement for Horde & Escape.

Literally the best response… ever!


Seriously Judgemental guys c’mon…