Interacting with stuff during Horde scoreboard

Don’t know if this is common knowledge, but figured out that on Xbox you can pick up ammo, weapons and collect from the tap while the scoreboard is on the screen.

When the scoreboard appears just press R3 (like you’re bringing up the chat), for some reason this allows you to use the X button as normal.

It doesn’t always work with properly collecting the tap (I’ve noticed it won’t count if you get the Waiting for Players message).

But, it’s handiest for collecting ammo, if an ammo box hasn’t been used by the end of a wave and you pick it up during the scoreboard it will replenish immediately at the start of the next wave.


You can also bring up the map it works the same it’s great for collecting double ammo. Also if you bring up the map before it starts counting the rounds score it’ll prolong the intermission between rounds.


Also hover on an ai bot if theres bots in your team, lets u hold x down

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Uhhh…? (Looks down at controller to make sure its still an Xbox controller)


L3 and R3 refer to clicking the sticks on xbox pad

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This also works on pc

Haha , is it actually called something else on Xbox?

Just meant pushing down on the right stick.

Yeah :joy: RS and LS aka right-stick and left-stick