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Instant meele (knife) after shooting

I hate this shotgun and instant meele thing. Thats ruins every close fight, thats not gears for me. Absolutly disgusting, it should be nerfed,…


I agree, increase the time you can knife after a shot, increase the distance it takes to go into cover, increase the speed you move into cover and then the game will be more on track.

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It just needs to work like good gears melee has in the past, delay before melee after shooting, delay after melee before you can shoot or punch again.

Its so simple and gets fixed to this state so often, that I have real issues understanding the devs thought process on trying to change it every new game.

Then I remember mr two piece is in charge of the game.

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Just remove the damn auto lunge already. The melee shouldn’t be a heat seeking missile and you shouldn’t be able to melee instantly after shooting


Imagine implementing a melee system which has further range than fking gib distance. Like actually think about that for a second…