Installation Problems Microsoft Store

No idea if this is the right place to ask but ive ran out of things to try. Ive bought Gears5 a week ago via the microsoft store(because i was stupid and didnt know there was a steam version) Ive been trying to install it since then but I always get either Error 0x00000001(via xbox app) or the install wont start at all(via MS-Store). So far ive tried the following: change the install location, reset windows store, reset xbox app, reinstall gaming services, reinstall xbox app, disable antivirus and firewall, reset windows to a previous point, updated all drivers, installed all windows updates, ran the “update troubleshooter” from win10, added a new local user to try it with, added my MS-Account as a user on my PC, ran CHKDSK for all drives, ran SFC. Yesterday i even did a fresh install(JUST TO INSTALL ONE ■■■■■■■ GAME) and i still get error 0x000000001. I can install other games just fine via Microsoft Store and Xbox App. WTF AM I DOING WRONG?
Since not even a clean install worked i tried installing it via a friends steam account. Low and behold IT ■■■■■■■ WORKS ON THE FIRST TRY.
Maybe someone has an idea on what else i could try to resolve the error but i might just buy it again via steam because i know it works there.
Either way that was the first and definetly the last game ill ever purchase on the MS Store.

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