Installation problem

Hey guys,

I know my problem is probably more a Microsoft-Store related problem and not a problem with the game, but the support-options there arent helpful to me, so maybe some of you guys have a clue about whats happening to me.

So when I start the microsoft-store via browser (doesnt matter if Opera/Chrome/Firefox Ive tried all of them) I can log into my account and search for Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. Then I have the option with the three-dots where I can choose my system, confirm my pc, click on ok and then the installation should start, but nothing happens.

If I try to install the game with the App I have only the option to buy the game even though I own it regarding to the browser-version of the store. So if I want to install the game with the app, I have to fill in my product-key, but it only tells me that the key is already activated which seems logical to me, cause I own it regarding to the browser-version.

Ive tried a lot of things, which doesnt help at all, like deactivating Ad-blocker, deleting browser-cache, starting wsreset.exe and so on. So the obvious-things didnt help me. Yes, Windows is up2date there is no update I can install. Yes, I have enough hard drive space, it requires 80 GB I have 120 GB free space. Yes, I did restart my PC xD… I have no option to install the game as administrator, so I dont know if thats a problem…

Does someone here has a clue why the game wont install even though I seem to own it? Its the first time I cant install a video-game. I have Origin, Uplay, Steam, Gog and so on and never had a problem, so I dont know what differs here…

Normaly before installing a game I need to download it, but where can I download it? I have only the option to “install” it at the store. Maybe thats the key to the problem?