Install manager suggestion

Is it possible for you to separate the multiplayer section into vs, horde, and escape instead of bundling them together? @TC_Sera

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What do you mean why? Games are getting bigger and if you lose internet or the servers go down horde and escape just take up space since you can’t play them offline. Or what if you like horde but not escape and vice versa.


If your internet goes down you wouldn’t be able to play versus, unless it’s local of course.

It takes up what…at most 20 something gigs?

I don’t like horde or escape, but I have them to just vibe on them every once in awhile.

I can see your point tho

You can still play with bots offline though. That’s basically the only way I played vs with 3 and judgement. And honestly if they didn’t completely remove rewards for offline in the new games I’d still prefer offline bots over real people online haha