Insights about gears of war nov 19 2019

2 months has passed since the release and somethings have changed for the better some others are still pretty bad.

Guys i don’t wat to tell you how to do your job but this game has a lot of bugs and it is surprising because gears of war 4 didn’t have this issues.

Here are some insights about VS multiplayer

  1. There’s a very consistent error when you enter the character selection menu before entering a match sometimes it dumps you out to the main menu and you can’t select character even when the match is still getting ready, it’s very annoying because you can’t complete some character related challenges cause you can’t change character.

  2. The problem with “pepsi man” you need to fix that error about the silver dummy that appears instead of some of the players characters in the game it’s hard to tell if it’s enemy or not until you press lb.

  3. Is there someway to know what are the parameters on which the ranking system is based, i found it very inconsistent. Just recently ended a koth match finishing as mvp more than 90 kills, 27 capures, 10 breaks and 78 downs and still lose 1400 pts and get ranked down about 20%.

  4. You need to do something about the quitters they are ruining the experience, and it seems you are trying to stop us from reporting them. At the end the match when the list of players appear it doesn’t let you enter to the players profile to report them.

  5. Respawns need to be fixed, it’s incredible that you respawn and 3 seconds later the enemy team respawn behind you.

  6. The global/team chat window sounded a great idea but doesn’t work properly, you click the right stick and it appears but it doesn’t stay on screen when you stop clicking it, so you can’t really use it cause it doesn’t let you write anything.

The game is still broken in many ways, but i appreciate the improvements.

The knife attack it’s way better now,
The new nerfed lancer works fine.
The snub It’s way better than previous games, now it’s a more useful weapon.

I really want to say that this is the best gears of all but it is far from it.

Keep working on it please.

I’m surprised that not many people are talking about this. It’s really irritating.

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When this glitch first appeared, I probably came across it 1 out of 10 matches, which is still too common tbh… Recently (I’d say in the last month) I see it virtually every single match I play… with it comes horribly inconsistent connectivity.

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