Inside out cog gear

I honest to God think this was inspired by Keanu Reeves. Turn him so only the normal side is showing and tell me it doesnt lol. But overall, I think it’s an ugly skin. In my opinion, anybody willing to drop $10 on this is out of their mind. I’m not gonna spend money on any skin but I do like the skeleton kait one. I feel as tho this cog gear could’ve been something much better than this.

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Thought it’s pretty cool for a Halloween special.
Kait looks superior, too (also for a Halloween special)

But BOTH should be for free or unlocked by playing Pumkin ball. Or they should be free but only playable throughout Halloween week…


Skeleton one looks like the gears 4 one we got for free along with the plethora of other free holiday skins we got in gears 4…for free. Why does (almost the same) skeleton skin cost money in this game?

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I honestly think he looks like a cheap knockoff of Mr. Goodbody.


They sure would be crazy since only 8.00 and not 10.00.But it does look bad your right about that.

PS…Even if this was free i woundn’t want it.

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Yeah they are cool for Halloween but I will not pay for those skins.


Yes, but you need to spend $10 just to get the 800 iron to buy them. They made it that way to get over on people lol.

That’s assuming you don’t already have some iron.

Obviously you get to keep the 200 iron you don’t spend. When you go to the store and pay an $8.00 tab with $10 bill, do you accuse the clerk of some conspiracy to get one over on you?

It looks worse because at least Gear Corpse was an actual skeleton. This is just a ■■■■■■ half-done paint job, that costs $13 if you don’t grind for the COG Gear.

Just buy one of the iron amounts that give bonus iron with it at least you get some extra with that.

Why do people keep insist on adding awkward qualifiers to try to make the store items seem more expensive than they actually are? It’s disingenuous.

The skin costs as low as $4.80 if, like me, you had the foresight to purchase the launch week iron deal. It costs, at most, $8.00 at current iron prices, and somewhat lower than that if you purchase higher denominations.

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It isn’t. I was simply pointing out that to use this crappy Halloween skin on the desired character you’d have to spend another $5 on top of the $8 for the skin. And even then, you’d have to buy more Iron than you need.

And starting Iron is no excuse, especially when it is just one of the 8 or so skins since launch costing Iron.

It’s not disingenuous, it’s despicable. Reminds me of the Atomic Shop. Or any Mobile Game…in my AAA $60 game.

See the issue? Don’t be an apologist.

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No, I don’t see the issue. If the shop is as eggregious as you say, you wouldn’t have to make thing up to make it sound worse than it is. You don’t “have to spend another $5.” I, like probably most players, got the COG Gear character for free.

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The Kait skin is pretty dope. I don’t dislike the Gear skin either, though I feel as though the Gear skin should be 300 iron, or 8 for the pack of character/skin.

Still won’t pay for either.

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I mentioned that in the beginning.

If you can’t read… here it is.

I specifically said it’s a $5 markup if you don’t A) have time to grind, B) don’t want to Grind the already not-so-fun game just for a weak character. (Subjective of course, but I’m sure it’s a shared opinion)

So at the max it can be $15…but nevertheless it’ll still be $10 or more, since you can’t buy $8, and have to buy over the amount you need. Say me, I have 490 Iron. I’d need to spend $5 just to get the skin…and then I’d have 190 Iron left. I’m not going to let it sit. And nothing worthwhile is less than $5 worth of Iron…so it begins this unending, pitiful cycle of guilt-based purchases that do ruin people with certain types of thinking.

Might not be me–might not be you–but this scummy practice of “never give enough,” or “give too much” is all too common in AAA gaming and there’s no excuse for it anymore. Don’t try and backpedal out of it because you are in a higher-place, not everyone has the care or time to grind. And like I said, you’re still gonna have to spend $5-$10 NEVERTHELESS just for one dumb skin, and probably have more leftover that TC is using to trick your brain into buying more Iron.


That’s a bogus example. The clerk doesn’t keep your 2$ and say you can only use it at their store.


Some people just don’t make sense. Blame Shia Lebeouf.

What if it’s a gift certificate?

It’s funny how whenever I point out the logical inconsistencies of the Gears 5 haters around here, their inevitable response is “lEaRn To ReAd!!!1” Maybe it’s not my ability to read. Maybe it’s your guys’ inability to form an argument based on sound reasoning and factual premises. For example, no matter how you want to spin things, the Halloween Gear does not cost $15. Whatever mental gymnastics you go through to convince yourself that the evil TC is putting everyone under their boot with a $15 Halloween skin, that just isn’t the case. I can read just fine. In this thread in particular, I’m reading a bunch of BS.