Insane luck with the sniper pack

i bought 10 locust sniper packs, and i got the locust sniper in the first one.

As did I man but I bought only 1 pack

I got 50 Packs and didn’t get Locust Sniper or any other Aspho UIR Elites a single time.


Idk why but i only opened two of these 400 ones and I got 2 snipers ive never gotten two gold ones after one another ever like that. But I guess it was lucky.

I got the sniper from two mystery packs when I opened 20 sniper packs & couldn’t get him lol

I’m actually confused why they put the UIRs in this pack even though they’re craftable

Bought 4 400 credit packs. Got the 2 UIR Elite but no locust Sniper… :persevere:

First time he was out, I got 60 packs but no Sniper. This time I got him 3x in under 15 packs.

got 53 packs and got him twice