Insane Horde, Any Class

Like most people these days it seems, I came back from a long hiatus looking for some good ol’ Horde runs. Insane is my end game, however before I resume that I’d like to see where my best chances of completing the full 50 would be.

How’re the random runs? If terrible still, where’s the best place to find a group?

Also, no, not a noob - I understand class mechanics and most of my stuff is leveled to 5. Not looking to be carried, if anything, I wouldn’t mind doing some carrying in random queues if they’re not absolute garbage.

Randoms are hit and miss but about 60% of the time you can find a group that will stay the whole game and know what their doing.
If you want to look for groups the ‘looking for group’ on xbox works well, at least thats what others have said.

I use LFG daily, takes me about 2-4 minutes to find a group now that I started doing speedruns and I complete about two 1-50 runs each night. To change it up I run two to three MonsterMashes, also off LFG and always completethem to 25 waves. Before I started doing speedruns (up until last week), it took me 15-30 minutes to find an LFG group wanting to do 1-50 runs without speedrunning because they’re more rare.

I only will do LFG, everytime I go public or step into a group in LFG where there’s only 3 or 4 of us and the leader says we’ll fill in the last spots in public matchmaking, the random ALWAYS starts buying stuff if they’re not an engie or it’s a non-Scout that picks up power and then doesn’t deposit it. Public is hell.

Pretty much this.

From my perspective : It depends how much you can tolerate. Nothing has really changed since you left. Nothing better, nothing worse.

Side Note : I Only really get irritated when someone plays sniper without callshot or when someone plays Heavy and doesn’t drop the carrier before he destroys the engineers hard work.

And what would that be?

Lol. Alright you got me. I’m mostly speaking from the perspective of a scout since that’s what I run the most in public it seems (not willingly).

Sometimes it’s necessary. For the team to wake up.

I love when it happens to those “great” sentry spamming engineers.

Public horde swarms with all that “hard” work.

Completely understandable. I kind of talked about this awhile ago when someone told me that “engineer plays one of the most important roles” which is kind of true but I am almost certain that person believed in the way of the sentry. People make a big deal out of engineer being played properly but usually rely on sentry, then get upset once that wall of sentry is broken.

Can’t help but feel some passive aggressiveness here…Although I agree sentry spam isn’t the most fun way to get things done, it usually gets the job done. I Really don’t support this method of playing so if you see me doing it there’s certainly a reason behind it.

Every since Monster Mash has been out the few times I have played engineer (which isn’t very much) I’ve taken the sentry path simply due to the short amount of time left with the EXP event. This is only part of the reason why I’ve been taking the no fun path though. There have been SO many Monster Mash where Heavy, Sniper or Soldier simply don’t do damage. I Don’t blame soldier too much but If I start in the lobby with Sniper or Heavy and change because you wanna be those classes, I expect you to play like you mean it. I expect you to play like I changed classes so YOU could play what you enjoy. Next thing you know carrier is breaching, no call shot to support the other 4 players.

But honestly these are just everyday horde problems. During any other time I would just say screw it and ignore this but during 6.66 EXP? I’m not taking my chances and wasting my time with players who don’t deal damage if I have the option. If I’m playing and realize my team is competent then I’ll withdraw my sentry abuse. I Was actually just playing Fuel Depot and my Scout, Sniper and 2 Heavy were amazing. I only used 4 sentry and didn’t even get over 50 kills.

Worse than a sniper without Called Shot is the one who replaces with Sniper Strike. Most I’ve seen can’t even hit consistent headshots.

Even in this case, a good heavy with Dropshot should deal with big guys. It’s just trickier.

When even he doesn’t… Yeah it’s time to rely on soldier. I too thought of it as a second class attacker, until I started using this:

Dropshot, Torque and schock grenades. Great damage dealer.

Now, if at least one guy on these three classes isn’t killing, I don’t find it worthy keeping in that game.

My hate towards sentries came to a level that I simply abandoned using than. I focused on making a defensive base; if team can’t take advantage of it, I’m out.

Not a single minute I played under this 6,66XP. I don’t find it worthy anymore.

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