Insane Grubs strength , aim and bots need to be adjusted

I’m a seasoned Gears fan/player, Ive spent countless hours on all the Gears games and have beat them all on Insane, this is 10x as hard as all of the rest. It’s past the point of developing new ways to fight to where it’s not any fun anymore. I’m more frustrated than happy with the game. I’ve noticed all through the game that the Del & Jack bots are no help, they’re aim is way off and they won’t help you before over half your bleed out is gone, they will also let you die as they watch. I’m in Act 3 fighting the 2nd wave with the Dropshot. Jack watched as I struggled with a grub , that I’d just emptied an entire Hammerburst clip into his chest,as he choked me, to death. It felt like a kind of screw you thing. Del was down and when I died then Jack zapped the grub. He left both Del and I to die, The grubs in this same fight are extremely strong and accurate, while you’re bounced around wasting ammo up and down left and right. On top of that the Dropshot hits you anywhere in the room no matter how high, proximity impact area to a round is huge, with limited area and movement to dodge grubs launching 1000 rounds and a Dropshot at you, If you make it to the drop off JD says he’ll draw the fire but doesn’t the Dropshot is zeroed I’m on the player the whole engagement and unseen grubs sling gernades up that dodging the Dropshot you roll into a gernade. The small advantages you pick up like having the high ground finally to have it nulled by buffed up grubs and weapons. Jack for some reason loses the ability to hijack the shield generator, an ability given in this act and denied when needed. It’s past challenging when the game is always stacking the game higher and harder while making the player weaker with no ability to work out a strategy. I love a hard game and the challenge that comes with it but this goes way past that to the realm of insane mode. I just finished Gears 4 oh hardcore just before release to refresh my memory and it’s nowhere near as difficult, not even the same ballpark. I’m a Gear to the bone and will sludge through but I’m losing interest pretty fast I’ve never had that happen in any other Gears but I can’t even enjoy the storyline anymore. Not all of us wallbang around for 16hrs a day let them be buffed in online versus and horde, I actually dread going back to my game and being chewed to death until I stumble into a victory. Assassins Creed is looking a lot more fun to play right now, I’m just saying. Great story so far like I said, just wish I could enjoy the flow.

Woow, my eyes hurt.

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Take advantage of Jack’s abilities. A stun and damage build is only good for Jack if someone’s controlling him.

You mentioned bleedout so I assume you’re not on Insane right now. Try to get the Stim revive ability so you’re forced back to your feet.

Try to get the ability where every kill while cloaked adds a bit more time. While cloaked stealth kills will even work when you’re in combat. It’s best to get the ability to attack while cloaked, which I think is the ultimate upgrade. This helps for any botched stealth kills.

The Flash Freeze can also be a life saver, as you can freeze almost any enemy, including Carriers.

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I’d argue Gears 3 is harder, but on the topic of the game itself, yes, there are some frustrating segments where the difficulty spikes, however I would argue that Jack, is your biggest help in this game.

Jack makes this game much easier than previous titles, and adds more strategy to a fight, especially with Hijack. Relic weapons will help you a lot as well. The relic Claw and the relic embar will help you a lot in those encounters.

Jack can’t help you with drones and reviving yourself. Only human teammates can help you in that situation. And, Tbf, it makes sense from a logical standpoint in that situation.

Keep trying, eventually you will get there. The best part about this difficulty is planning a strategy and having it succeed. One of the best feelings in Gears when that happens.