Insane campaign co-op or solo?

So I’m tjinking about taking on the Gears 5 campaign on insane. I was wondering whether I should do this solo or whether I should do it on Co-op?

Delivery Driver Mac is not available in the campaign as a partner so i would suggest solo


Maybe we should petition to have Delivery Driver Mac as the main character for Gears 6? :grin:


I feel like we’ve accidentally stumbled upon greatness. I demand this for Gears 6


Well if your co-op player is on casual then they can carry. That’s how a lot of cheesers cheese through it.

Dunno how this works in gears 5 though especially with the issues with co-op in general.

I say try it solo first and see how that goes. Probably some guides up on YouTube if you run into issues.

I did it solo. It was tough as nails, maybe even the hardest GoW campaign I’ve played and I even finished 4 on Inconceivable…Go co-op is my advice, especially with Jack.

If you have a friend to do it with, go co-op. Kait and Del each get a different experience so it’s better with a friend.

Oh wait, did you mean for insane specifically? I forgot not everyone just dives into insane mode on the first go with how used to it I am. Bringing a second player is probably easier as long as they don’t die more than you. Don’t bring Jack though, it’s better to have his skills at your command than in the hands of someone else.