Insane Campaign Act IV

Since release me and a friend have kept tradition alive and attempted to beat Gears 5 Campaign on INSANE as we have for every previous installment. We have put over 1.25 days into this campaign completing every side mission and thoroughly exploring the open world segments for Jack parts and Relic Weapons (and we just die constantly…)
Tonight we are starting Act IV and hopefully looking to beat the game in this effort. We have learned to abuse the stealth and hijack abilities but I’m looking for any suggestions to finishing this act.
How long should it take?
What strategies would you suggest?
What is the biggest PITA part in this act?

Overall though its been a fun ride and a solid story thus far. Personally I love the nostalgia and the “passing of the torch” to the newer characters (Yes I also have enjoyed the new STARWARS). I look forward to any story add ons and the Gears 6 campaign in the next Gen.

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If you already beat Act II (hardest Act) on Insane, then there’s nothing I can tell you to do for Act IV.

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Boy oh boy there is a certain part that I cannot describe because of spoilers but trust me , you’re gonna need a lot of grenades.
Save all the nades you have until you see that the situation goes whack. I also advice to bring at very least one good Torque Bow with you.
As a COG Gear , I despise this locust scum , but I cannot deny it’s effectiveness.
Lancer LG is good but you run out of ammo for mortar extremely fast , be advised.
And Remember your Boltoks!
Good luck guys!

Honestly, I found it to be the easiest act in the campaign. There’s a couple of fights that can get kinda hairy, for example the one that involves defending the Minotaur, but that’s about it.

Gears 5 likes to do this thing of spawning a sht ton of enemies which could lead to an epic and intense battle, but for cinematic purposes they end it without you having to do anything. It’s done a handful of times throughout the campaign, including the fourth act, and its fcking annoying. So many potentially awesome fights ruined!

But yeah, just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine. Stun, cloak, and Hijack = easy ride.


If I remember correctly we are going in with this loadout.
Kait (me): Lancer GL , Longshot, Boltok
Del: Torque Bow, Claw, Boltok
We realized the value of the torque about halfway through act 3 and he hasn’t let it go since even when there is no ammo anywhere for it.

But thanks for the nades advice I will take that into consideration for tonight! T-minus 4 hours!

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no matter what happens save a full lancer gl for the last boss

I found act 3 worse

Played for 3 hours got to the part just after you drive in that truck with Fahz. So basically this was how it played out
1st hour - Swarmak part. That was BS it felt like drones kept coming and then you had a Warden!? So tough to get that check point.
2nd hour - everything leading up to the hammer of dawn part, (courtyard battle with emergence holes) then We sacrificed JD. SO PISSED I LOST ALL MY WEAPONS!
3rd hour - Meeting up with Marcus where he finds out about JD. That battle sucked with out my Sniper and Boltok

I realize that in 3 hours the game probably should have been beaten but we get impatient and take to many risks but when you only play once a week with your teammate you try to push as quickly as possible. Oh well according to the achievement tracker we are 93% done. So just one more push and then we can finally get on NHL doubles.


Kinda deserve to lose your weapons and the other bad stuff because you chose to kill Marcus’ son rather than some annoying token character.

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‘JD died’

JD’s death is much better story wise. Like I felt absolutely horrible when I sacrificed JD and felt really sorry for Marcus.

I didn’t actually expect Del, JD and Kait to grow on me this much, I want neither Del nor JD dead. I would have liked another Gears with all three of them.

I wont lie it took a min to decide who I wanted to sacrifice with the OMEN was coming up but I went with JD. The way I see it we have been Kait and Del since Act 2 and spent hours with those two, I figured it was unfair for my teammate to be a new character, I also new he had a sick loadout at that point. But it was my (Kaits) choice and it felt like the correct choice.

I do feel for Marcus the man has had a lot of loss in his life (Tai, Dom, Adam Fenix, Anya, Carmines, Ill even throw Kim in there) but knows how to work through it. The man is the embodiment of WAR and understands death is apart of that.

Lets be honest when I go back and play again for 100% collectables I will kill Del haha