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I want to start this off by saying by no means is this meant to be a political thread, because those are against policy on the forums and will be immediately locked. This is a thread inquiring about the policy that politics are banned inside the forums (for obvious reasons), but yet it is acceptable practice to plaster an overtly political message on the news feed in-game that I’ve yet to not see pop-up when launching the game.

Regardless of your affiliation, it’s one thing to see this on social media for posturing, but another thing entirely to impose your ideology on players while simultaneously silencing them in the forums.

I will ask again that if you respond to this message, please leave politics out of it. This is a simple inquiry on why the community is expected to adhere to a policy that the developers clearly are unable to do so themselves within the live service. I fully respect the freedom of opinion of the developers, but that opinion should be reserved for their social media if they are not willing to engage on the official forums platform.

Probably because one is a forum moderated mostly by only 2 (albeit very good) volunteer mods, and the other is an extension of their corporate platform. The forum guidelines state that abuse of other members is unacceptable, which is almost inevitable in a political discussion. The mods lock those kinds of posts to prevent violations of the guidelines. The game proper is not a forum and can be used any way the publisher wants. You posed an interesting question but I think the answer is simple. There are two different policies because there are two different platforms with different resources that serve different functions.


Albeit by placing a political statement in the live-service I would argue that should open your forum to the same types of statements. Players have the inability to actually communicate via the live-service (unless you count the toxic global chat). At no point should a news article exist in the game that can’t be referenced or criticized on the official forums while both are managed by the same company.

I understand that they are separate, but they are strongly integrated even if the developer doesn’t really treat it that way. The forum is predicated on the game and within the game is a political statement. Therefore, the forum should either allow political discussion or push for the removal of political statements from the live-service.

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This. I think it’s not any sort of sense of hypocrisy on Gears’ part but rather two different entities with two different agendas/rulebooks, but they just share the same names.

Think of it under the guise that Tactics shares the name, but not the gameplay. The Forums and game and Twitter and everywhere else share a name but not a ruleset or anything.

I would be more inclined to agree if this wasn’t the official website for Gears of War. It may be managed by moderators that have nothing to do with development, but that doesn’t change that they are under the same umbrella.

What would the reaction be if they had a message supporting a certain political figure for presidency? Would we still be unable to engage or challenge the ideal on the official forums? I can guarantee everyone and their mother would be flooding this forum. In that instance, I firmly believe they would have the right to engage with the company through their official forum saying they don’t support the message and to please remove it.

I understand the necessity to push the policy to prevent hostile arguments on the forums. I also believe that anything present in-game should be able to be commentated on in the official forums. Hence why no political statement of any kind should exist in this media, unless that it’s subtle enough that any claim would be reaching.

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This is the official Forums for Gears of War. Whatever a company wants to say publicly is different, seperate from the fact that the dialogue on the Forums should be focused on Gears of War.

I don’t know if it’s more lenient in “Off Topic,” but nevertheless, this forum is about Gears first and foremost, so allowing non-related political discussion would create divides and chaos and split hairs around talking points that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the forums.

The Gears Forums are for Gears. To me, that should be the end of it.

There is an additional component as you mentioned. Regardless of anybody’s opinion about what the board’s function should be, it appears that this forum is now a small part of the larger constellation of communication methods The Coalition uses. Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, etc. There is no shortage of ways to respond to The Coalition’s in-game messages or their corporate messaging.

Interesting fact.

Profanity is not allowed on the forums, but it is in the What’s Up.


You’re not going to find any disagreement from me on this topic. The forums should be about Gears and only Gears. Which is why I’m inquiring about a statement I found in-game.

This is the official website ( and I see direct links to the social media or YouTube pages.

That is interesting. Personally, I believe a company should be able to abide by the same rules and constructs that it places on it’s community.


Well, I thought it tacky to use in their slogan.

Tact is sometimes best.

You’re either sarcastically telling me or implying that the developers should (in reference to this thread):
image (Can’t be too careful)

I’m assuming the first considering the response I’ve received so far. But either way kudos on the subtle approach.


Nineteenth Hour is correct.

The other thing I would add is that Ektope may or may not be, but I definitely am, quite politically active in real life. It would be very easy for people to assume bias even if we are trying to be impartial. I have both been accused of being extremely left wing and extreme alt right by various users on this forum even with the no politics rule at play.

I definitely take the point though that it seems hypocritical that TC is pushing politics on twitter, ingame, on their website but has one area of social media that they own where they forbid it.

I don’t see it changing though unless they actually pay for a team of people to monitor this with 24/7 coverage because they won’t the kind of heated and often ugly “debates” that can happen.

Closing thread.