Input Latency - Information on the new consoles


Saw this, just proves what we all already knew since day one. “Input delay” – want gears to run right? Buy a series X. Ugh. Wish they were actively trying to improve the numbers on the one s/x instead of making what should be standard only available on next gen…


Thank you for posting.
Im pretty happy if its literally half if not more less input lag.

Was this tested with a reg xbox one controller.
Im curious wht the input lag is gor THE ELITE series 2. Because HONESTLY ITS PRETTY F ING BAD.

ontop of tht. Ill finally be able to take advantage of my monitor.
Samsung 32hg70.
Ive read the response time for the monitor is horrid for 60 hz ( basically console gaming)

Im so excited to be able to play at 1440p at 120 fps.


Been saying since day one. Gears was made for the series x. Way too much processing for this game to handle even for the xbox one x


I don’t know sorry, this was posted on facebook and twitter by the official Gears account, the input device is unspecified.

It definitely plays better at higher refresh :slight_smile:


Too bad i wasnt able to pre order the series x.
But i have full faith ill be able to pick one up on launch day.

Cant tell you how many times. I saved up over 500.00. only to have to use it for bills of some sort. Well I have it saved up again

My car insurance is due in full in a few weeks. Guess wht im not paying in full.

So yea. If im not able to get one on launch then ill pay my car insurance. If not im getting the series X.
Also. I specifically bought this monitor for the series X 9 months ago. Ill finally be able to take full advantage of it.

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Anyone know if this was tested at 1080 p , 1440p or 4k?

At a guess I would say 4K, but I could be wrong here.

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I really really hope so…because tht means the input lag will be even less.
Well. If anyone is playing at a lower resolution. Which i am.

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And the million dollar question…with the way lag comp works in Gears…will it matter?


Absolutely. Input latency was the main advantage PC had over console.

Now the new consoles will be better than a ton of rigs.


Wow, thank you for the info!!

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But envii was saying pc dont have adventage
I dont want to play against pc master race
Leave us console peasant alone :joy:

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Anybody know what this means for Series S?

Not yet but if I see anything I will post it in here :slight_smile:

But, but, TC said that input lag doesn’t exist on Gears 5!!! They said so in a Twitch stream a year ago!

To quote the TC employee directly, “Gears 5 is extremely responsive and is like, like, we can’t see an obvious, like, input lag.”

Too bad that PC input lag is still lower. TC needs to look into disabling Vsync entirely since Series X and One X support Freesync. Their CX OLED supports variable refresh, so input lag can go even lower.

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If your PC was able to run the game consistently at that FPS you’ve obviously got less input delay.

But what about frame drops? Stutters?

Is that an advantage too :thinking:

Btw, even on a console v console - this was tested on a LG CX.

If you’re on a TV, and even a lot of monitors at 60Hz,

You’re going to have much higher input latency simply because of that.

Lastly, I think you miss the whole point in the first place,

The Series X is more like a PC than ever, matching/beating a lot of systems.

So the differences are a lot less, hence why I called for the communities to be United - or a least a shift there.

Series X should be grouped with PC than with XO.

If the Series X was running it at 4K,

Then it should be even lower for the Series S as I imagine it runs the game 1440p or 1080p for the 120Hz.

People been saying this for years, consoles are more like Mac’s if that makes any sense.

the other question I have about Gears 5 is whether it would allow you to turn down framerates (as 120 is unnecessary for most currently) :thinking:

I’m guessing it’ll be fairly similar in terms of input lag but no one knows besides TC so :man_shrugging:

Which people?

I don’t think it’s ever been true until now, especially when it comes to visuals & HFR.

And I don’t understand the comparison.

You can,

But why in the world would you ever turn it down if there’s no benefit?

120 is unnecessary?

So you’re telling me you would willing accept 60 for no reason other than it’s unnecessary?

Let me put it a different way,

I hope I can turn down the visuals from 4K Ultra to 720p Medium.

I think it’s unnecessary for anyone to want anything more.

I think instead of £120 for free, I’ll just accept £60 because it’s unnecessary just to be given so much.

I think when I buy my next car, I’ll just ask for the front half as the back part is unnecessary.

120Hz is game changing.

Once you see it, you won’t want to go back. Ever.

You can’t understand that till you experience it.

Compared to what?