Input Lag Fixed?

I just stopped play multiplayer like 4 - 5 days ago, cause input lag, for me was impossible to play with it. Now, 4 days after, i just put game and try, and 0 input lag, can play perfect. Same if i use mouse, before was imposible to play with mouse, hard input lag, but now i have 0 with mouse too. TC did something?

I think it’s just you, the input lag in some occasions was not there, but it’s persistent in others.

I can’t predict gnasher for the last couple of days and till now…

Its like every other day the game works.

I think it depends on the population at the moment and who you are match made with. One person with a high ping ruins the whole match. Most matches have issues, there has been times where this game is so smooth I been shocked but those never consistent day to day.