Input fairness, controller button customization & suggestions

When it comes to cross play it’s a given that each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. I wanna make a post that can give TC a few tips on how to make this transition between each input method.

  • First I believe that xbox controllers should be able to re-map how wall bouncing and rolling works. Since PC players are able to distinguish two separate buttons on how these two movements work then so should controller players. Controller players should be able to either re-map it, or turn one or the other movements off completely.

  • Second while in Rodie Run moving to jump over a barrier instead of moving from A to the B button at the last second, let us hold the right trigger throughout the entire process of the maneuver to ensure the timing all lines up. This would work well since the trigger for fiering is a usless button while in Rodi Run. To many times have I seen other players and also done myself, melee the barrier while attempting to jump over a barrier and end up getting killed because of the janky transition from switching from A to B at the last second to jump the barrier. In laments terms, we hold A, we take cover as usual. We hold A+RT, we do the jump over maneuver. That simple.

Things like this would be easy and doable tweaks to the game to make it better.

Things like this is what I’d like to see in this post that can legitimately make this game better. But please post something that is realistically doable and not ask for the moon.

Thanks Yawl

(This section was added later after multiple replies)

Here are images of what controller schemes most players use and also how M&k can custom pick and choose how their cover/evade movement works between two separate buttons.

How can crossplay ever be fair with settings like these between two separate inputs. And MS allowing m&k on console without segregation between both m&k and controller inputs in pvp.

Its called CLASSIC ALT.

Not this CLASSIC DEFAULT tht people use.
Been using it since it was introduced in gears 2.
You can remap any botton also.
I use a series 2 with Big paddle left is" X " and big paddle right is " A "

It would take anyone tht has played default since day 1 forever to get used to. I cant imagine swtiching to any other way now.


This is the way to play!


Yes this is true. CLASSIC-ALT will change the bounce/roll settings. But it also changes how you rodi run, revive, pick up weapons and other things. This isnt what I was saying.

What I’m saying is the option to turn certain main problem maneuvers off or on.

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I 1000% agree! I will never ever understand why you can’t customize your buttons! I don’t want to change anything EXCEPT to separate roadie run and take cover. I’ve tried classic alt but it’s juuuust different enough that I can’t get used to it!

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The whole push for cross play is here to stay. And if they can customize their input methods that much then so should those with controllers. I think this will happen in the future. Though its wouldn’t be soon enough.

I must refer to a topic I made a while ago about controller mapping.

Basically there should be button customisation that allows you to specifically allocate a function to a button, as opposed to literally swapping a buttons‘ grouped default functions with others.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to create.


My biggest issue in the disparity between console and PC players is the ability for players with KB/M to turn 180° almost instantaneously. Where those of us using a controller cannot even come close, even on maxed settings.


Your right It shouldn’t be too hard. But it’s still very much just a concept. I dont wanna over reach and ask for a complete revamp of how controller mapping should work. Just the few bigger issues right now would go a long way if they let us.

Yes well, we shouldn’t have had to as it should’ve been there from launch but alas here we are.

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Yes that’s not an easy pill to swallow. It’s annoying AF to see that. But little changes like letting us turn off roll could help bridge that disparity I think. No desperate attempt to wall bounce and then annoyingly roll into an immediate death sentence.

Especially since rolling and wall bouncing on M&K are two separate buttons.

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Can you not already just remap the buttons using the xbox controller app? Could swear I remember doing so, or is that exclusively for the elite controller?

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Yes you can. But that dosent split the multiple functions of that single button. All that does is move all functions of that button to a different one.

What we want it to be able to do the same as M&k players by having some movement options split or turned off that are locked to a single button.

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well weirdly enough im not aware of ANY console games that allow this. Granted I don’t play a lot of games (just play the same games a ton) so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn of some examples, but generally speaking I find that games have like 6 or 7 input settings that you can’t alter. It’s pretty frustrating tbh

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True. Yes normally I dont think it would be an issue. But post the introduction of crossplay with the option to choose different input methods like M&k and controller; there should be a tad bit further personal preference settings to the controller to help smoothen out the advantage/disadvantage gap between the two.

It would make sense for Gears to move towards this either in the now or future. This would need to only be focused on only what differences and changes are needed between the two.

@Doc_Holliday_qp Wait…what? Pc players have 2 different inputs for sliding or rolling? That avoids a lot of unintentional rolls now doesn’t it…I had no idea…

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Eye opening isnt it lol. Who’d a known they were just spamming space bar this whole time. Those bastardds.

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@Doc_Holliday_qp funny because they all say pc has no advantages at all. Id like to have a wallbounce/ cover only button. Give me the option to disable emoting in match, and make my roll the down stick on my controller. That woukd be nice. Sure would make bouncing a lot easier.


It’s really unfair. M&k needs to either be locked into the same style of schemes controller has to choose from or give controllers the same custom movement options they give mouse and keyboard players.

@Doc_Holliday_qp as much as I hate to say fair or unfair, the movement is one of the biggest parts of gameplay. Giving pc the ability to bind cover and roll to different inputs is huge. I can’t count how many times I’ve died from an accidental inadvertent roll. Pc apparently never has to worry about that. Plus, it makes learning more advanced bouncing a lot easier. Like you said earlier, both pc and controller have different advantages, but that is huge. I have an elite w/paddles. It’d be nice to map my roll to a paddle. I bet pc never accidentally has the buy weapons wheel in arcade or the emote wheel accidentally in any match pop up by accident and obscure their view.

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