Input based matchmaking

Can we get input based matchmaking like Modern Warfare in Gears 5. I have many friends on PC that would like to play this game but since everyone disabled the crossplay they cant find any matches. Make the matchmaking input based so that when you play with controllers on PC you can play with console players automatically.

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That is an interesting idea. But it seems like you just want faster matchmaking rather than specifically changing the way crossplay blocking works.

Think about it: someone could queue up for ranked using a controller and then switch to KB/M as soon as the match starts.

In addition, you can use KB/M on console.

Besides, I personally think crossplay blocking is more about frame rate and FOV rather than KB/M advantage.

You could petition The Coalition to speed up Matchmaking for PC players.

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I need to correct one part of your possible scenario.
If implemented like COD has for his example you cannot switch back after matchmaking starts. You have to back out all of the way and switch it in the options . It wont even allow you to switch back to a controller after you select KBM.

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No that’s not how input based matchmaking works. You cannot change to KB/M after you get into a game. You have to lock your input before searching for a match.

Faster matchmaking is possible when more people play the game. Unfortunately the game doesnt have many PC players on Escalation and most Xbox player have turned off cross play. We can’t find any games when I matchmake with my PC friends but as soon as they leave It finds a match. This issue was less problematic at launch since the game had more players but now it’s really hard and frustrating to find a game on PC.

Cross play is becoming a norm in online multiplayer games. Next gen most online games are going to have cross play and most likely they are going to have input based matchmaking. So I feel like gears should go the same way as other games.

KB/M is reaaally OP compared to controllers in Gears and most people don’t like cross play because of KB/M and not FPS or FOV. Of course FPS and FOV have impact on PC being better than Console but if people on MW don’t care about it on a first person shooter in which FPS and FOV have much higher impact then I don’t think people will care in Gears either as long as their opponent are using controllers and not KB/M.

I get what you guys are saying but it would require a lot of development would it not?

Currently, I can switch between KB/M and Controller seamlessly whenever I want. Wouldn’t locking that during matchmaking require some hefty reworking of the code?

No it’s actually pretty easy. You have an option on settings that says whether you wanna play with KB/M or Controller. And whenever you get into a match, it doesnt accepts any inputs from your KB/M (if you have chosen to play with Controller for example). It’s literally a few if statements.

TC have said that CrossPlay blocking was because of cheaters.

Ryan also specifically said in a stream that they would re-evaluate if the EAC was working well or something along those lines.

Wasn’t really about hardware differences.

Yep. I actually thought the toggle would eventually be removed in this game. If not, I doubt we will see a toggle for Gears 6.

I’d much rather matchmaking be based on ping.

Regardless of input devices, I think it would be a better experience.

Real pings too. Not TC fabricated ping times.


I hope so.

It’s very, very difficult to find games as a 3+ and even as a 2 can struggle.

I also don’t like how majority of players are on console so you just never see them.

I get the whole option thing though.

However a lot of it is misconceptions about PC.

I hope Series X launching will allow TC to remove toggle.

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I currently play mostly FFA as a console player on pad, I think I speak for most of the Xbox community when I say cross play is a bad idea and this is why a huge 40% had it switched off. I feel bad for pc players not having a community but I didn’t choose to have them run riot on a console community. it’s almost impossible to beat a half decent m/kB player in ffa, I believe in choice, not forced cross play and you will have a hard time convincing us this move is ok when all we see is pc players winning. I mean why would you tarnish the experience for thousands on console and pad to keep a few pc players happy? Those people like me who are annoyed will just check what plans are install for gears 6 before buying……40% is a big number who cared enough to block cross play, that’s possibly 40% of sales reduced if your actually planning on enforcing this


I agree 100%

I don’t see TC changing it in 5 but maybe in 6 it will have input based matchmaking.

Look at that prediction! Mr. EnVii would you be so kind to tell us what’s going to happen a year from now with Gears? :eyes:

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I predict that a year from now,

TC will release, in the Store,

Every previous:

Black Steel Skin

Black Steel Weapon Set

Black Steel Emblems as Banners

And also,

Allow Banners to be on the ScoreBoard like Emblems were on Gears 4.

I also predict,

TC will release every single character in the Gears universe.

In addition,

TC will release each skin with a Chrome Steel Skin.


TC will release the Emissive Chrome Steel Weapon Set with EXTRA LIGHTS.

There’s never enough LEDs on Characters/Weapons.


TC will do a massive solid,

After all of this,

TC will tease us with the Release of ONE skin which will be the eSports Theme in Gears 6.

This will be either:

White Steel
Titanium Steel
Platinum Steel
Liquid Steel (Animated)
Galactic Steel
Cosmic Steel
Carbon Fiber Steel


And finally, really finally,

To end it all,

There will be a crossover Skins Release,


Black Steel Master Chief

Optimus Prime

Master Roshi

If this, or any of this happens,

I will give TC all my money.

Bearing in mind I’ve spent thousands and thousands already,

I’d give TC,

£5,000 for that content alone.


I hope @GhostofDelta2 approves of my DBZ choices & I hope @TC_Clown likes my Capitalist mindset here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: - supply it & I will demand it :raised_hands::fire:



40% who knew about it, 30% probably casual who didn’t think to look into it, 20% of pc who want cross play on and 10% who want to cross play with friends………… your underestimating the amount of players who turn on, load up, shoot…… 40% is the bigger slice when you consider the remaining 60% need splitting into different categories as it’s not just black and white but for those decisive 40% it is

As a PS and PC user input matchmaking should always be a thing.
You can’t really control fps as there are many hardware options nowadays on console and PC to limit that, whereas input its 2 options.

Playing COD on ps4 I always turned on this option the mouse is such a major advantage, one of the very few advantages the average PC players have despite popular belief on this site

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