Input-based matchmaking still being discussed?

It’s been rough since reaching Onyx rank… I can hardly find any games! And when I do, it’s like the same pool of 20 players. I’ve never played a single game of GoW with a M/KB (even if I did, I don’t think it matters, but whatever) so it kind of sucks having to be in the same tiny pool as people who do.

Has there been any discussion about this? Pretty much every new game I can think of is doing it now, from Modern Warfare to Rogue Company, and Halo Infinite is planning on it. What gives? :thinking:


I feel your pain we just need to get the new xbox bro… lol faster match times
also it would be nice if it was input method but I doubt that will happen.
I got Masters in FFA today and I’m glad its over sometimes I would have 10-15min wait times!
but a lot of things factor that crossplay off, not enough high ranks etc

Your lucky i just got back into the multiplayer and every tier i move up i start to think “ i will get competent teammates now” but it just seem to get worse, i had better teammates in bronze than i do in gold, its amazing how many people are carried to higher tiers.

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