Input based matchmaking for PvP

Gears 5 would really benefit from having input based matchmaking across all PvP game modes. It’s impossible to balance out the weapon sandbox for both controller and mouse / keyboard at the same time. When you face an opponent online you don’t know what input device they’re using, it creates inconsistency and frustration when the player feels cheated out of a kill due to not assuming the other guy’s capabilities correctly thanks to wildly different input devices. Crossplay is fantastic and a wonderful addition to Gears online multiplayer but the different controls need to be looked at.

Taking a quick look at popular Gears of War Twitch streamers, controller and mouse / keyboard players are playing a completely different game. Sea of Thieves, Paladins and to a lesser extent Modern Warfare have input based matchmaking so it’s nothing new. Halo The Master Chief Collection is also getting input based matchmaking in a future update.

With the developers removing aim assist from Gears 5 with the next balancing patch it really feels like a 1 sided downgrade more than anything but input based matchmaking could maintain an even playing field where all controller players have to face these new challenges together.

What do you think?


I think this would work better for you moving forward


Seriously tho, I agree but do the playerbase numbers??

I have a question man @Saber_Skywalker Im sorry…

when you said to him " moving forward" you mean like he should buy another game and instead play that?

or just leave the gaming world and perhaps he could try to get married or go to a vacation to a resort ?

Kindly let me know your thoughts man.



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Forward in time
As in any other time in his life he needs 2 say kb/m
It’s easier an everyone except 12 ppl know what it means
Jus tryin help a brother out :blush:

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Gears 5 would benefit from balanced matchmaking.

There simply aren’t enough people playing to do this.