Innocent man killed by game suspension

On Monday morning shortly after midnight, the Gears servers withdrew the connection to my WiFi network. This booted me and other players out of game. Immediate suspension? Wtf? I tried joining that Shyte back up but you know how it is…next thing you know it doesn’t even say how long I’m suspended for?

TC, you’ve got to have a mediator for that right?

If you remember the time and date send it to one of the devs

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Hi there, M4nny,

I’d like the following information if you have that available:

  • Which Region Are You From?
  • What Time Where You Searching For a Game?
  • What Gamemode Were You Searching For?

Thank you.

I hate seeing an innocent man gunned down by a faceless corporation, brings a tear to my eye. Thoughts and prayers go out to you.


Lol, here is a 4.5min video which shows my experience from last night. The steps:

  1. Map voting
  2. Map loading
  3. Game about to start
  4. I’m booted from the game
  5. repeated attempts to connect back, each one rejected
  6. Told the game session ended due to the error
  7. Told I’m now suspected from match making…

So this now, I’m assuming, is somewhere on my permanent record as “hey, he quit a ranked game.”

Getting booted from a game is one thing. Not being able to join back in - that’s just crappy programming, people…

video of failed rejoin attempts


Grexoz, thanks for the reply,

•N.A. US Eastern
•Team Deathmatch
•12:00am-12:30:am EST