Initial Thoughts On Tech Test

Wow, I haven’t been on the forums in ages lol… but I figured id drop my two cents on the tech test for sh*ts and giggles… So here we go…

I only had time to play this second weekend but feel as though I got a decent feel for the game… Also I wont be too critical or analytical seeing as how this wasn’t the full game… So lets start with the good


  1. Maps: I enjoyed the size of both maps and felt they were designed well to cater to GoW style of movement.

  2. Parties Identifiable: You may or may not have noticed, but in the pre game lobby next to the players GT, there were these little symbols showing you who was solo and the ones with matching symbols were obviously partied up. Very small feature but I hated not knowing how stacked the other team was in GoW4.

  3. Announcer: Finally TC listened to something we wanted and brought the announcer back between rounds. The complete silence between rounds in GoW4 is maddening. I want someone yelling at me to do better or to keep slaying. It adds to the game.
    ( The COG announcer was Jin, but who the hell was the Swarm announcer?!)

… Moving on to the bad or things I was less than impressed by


  1. Gnasher clip: Unless I’m tripping, which I dont think I am. Did the gnasher only have 6 shots in the clip?! And there were countless times were you reloaded but were only granted 4 shells. From what I saw you had to hit a perfect active to get the full six shots in the clip. Maybe I’m wrong or wasn’t paying close enough attention but thats what I THINK I noticed. I dont like this system at all. 8 shot clip was better and when I reload, active or not I expect a full clip,

  2. Omen: The new omen that begins to appear as you take damage is WAY to overbearing. It takes up too much of the screen and causes you to feel disadvantaged simply from your visibility being diminished. The old version or a much smaller one is a way better option.

  3. Health Values: I truly hope that the health tuning from the tech test is not what will be in the full game. Once I got a feel for the game it felt like I was playing core modes from GoW4 all over again. Or Gears of War on EASY mode. Idk if I should say the rifles were too strong or the characters health is too low. Either way gunfights were too quick, downed too fast and could barely get away when weak. I feel as though the tuning from the Tech Test is perfect for Arcade. Something nice and casual, but every other mode should have buffed up tunings for an all around better Gears feel.

  4. Audio: I wont be too critical, I could sometimes hear the enemy footsteps. But audio CAN and SHOULD be improved all across the board from dialogue to blood splatters and even the weapon sounds didnt really do it for me.

  5. Escalation: I actually love escalation. I thought it was one of the best new things to come to GOW. But since when do both teams add weapons between rounds?! I personally dont like this at all. The original style was better. Why should the team that won the round also get to place a weapon? The whole point is to balance the fight. The team that lost the round adds a weapon in hopes that it will give them the edge they need to win. Both teams adding a weapon takes too long and puts too many power weapons on the map at once. Old version was better.

  6. Reticles: I almost could have put this in the pros but I’m not sure. I kind of liked the new reticles on the weapons, but then I kind of didnt. I like getting hit markers, I like the precision of seeing right where the bullets are going, the Gnasher pellet spread was displayed beautifully. Sometimes thought the reticles just felt off. Maybe its just because they’re new but I’m not sure yet. One sure fire way is to have the choice to switch your reticles between a few different options.

  7. Movement: The fluidity is almost there but not quite. The " stickiness" to walls felt good. You could grab a piece of cover from rather far away which I liked. Bouncing, turning, and maneuvering was 50/50. At times it felt good and other times it felt off or slowed down. Iron out the creases and remove delays for a smoother feel…

Thats pretty much all that comes to mind at the moment. I’m seeing a bit of promise from TC this time around. Beta rewards, legacy rewards, no more loot boxes, announcer is back…

All I want is smooth gameplay and great audio. THATS IT. All that cosmetic nonsense means nothing if the games foundation isn’t on point. So I just hope TC is dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. I have high hopes for this game to say the least.


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