Initial thoughts, Marcus post "nerf"


I threw up an Elite horde, wave 26, just to check it out.

I had the 10% headshot damage card, 50% lancer, and 10% assault rifle perk. I bought a retro and claw from the fab.

I was able to do about 300K damage per wave, and I was able to keep the ultimate going for 4 waves. I lost it because it took a while to find the last one on wave 29, so I went into the boss wave without it.

so with the swarm claw I was doing about 1200 damage per hit (in one of my videos - NOT active), HERE I was doing about 600 (ACTIVE) … If the assault rifle perk is maxed out at 50%, I’d expect that to jump to about 750… If we throw in that flank card, well, I think it’s possible for Marcus to delivery about the same level of damage with ‘legit’ weapons as he was able to do with a NON-ACTIVE swarm claw, if you choose the right cards, and the right setup (from side)…

So he is still a very viable character, but just not AS powerful as before, and probably won’t run his ultimate all game, like we were able to before…

Is it an improvement? No, it’s a nerf… Before with an active claw he would do about 2000 per headshot, NOW he can do about 1000 per headshot UNDER SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES of flank, (plus last ditch, but last ditched worked on the claw too, right, so it makes the nerf bigger, from about 4000 down to about 2000)…

But it’s not a terrible nerf…

Still doesn’t make sense to get level 6 skill cards and have weaker characters than before.

I get they reduced the health modifier.

Haven’t played it yet, but I sense in some ways most characters were stronger before the update.

Edit: I know people will say horde would have been too easy.

Who cares?

Anyone could play without skill cards. Horde is (was at least) what you made it.

Does he seem more balanced compared to the other characters? Is it a “bigger picture” kind of thing, maybe?

i just played a marcus horde. he’s still awesome! only used ult twice, it’s really just a qol ult, not for relying on. still awesome for retro/lancer dmg, still awesome for mild tankiness and invincible execution. great all-around infantryman.

but i will note, at end of horde mode completion, got error, and zero rewards. i think patch having issues. hope they fix soon

Yeah, Marcus is still fine… totally… Just not OP like JD was before… :slight_smile:

Really? I found Marcus to be even better than before. (Even without the hijack claw) His damage resistance is insane, coupled with constant actives and no reloads, ammo regeneration that actually works, better rifle damage perks, he’s absolutely mad now.

Throw in last ditch with extra headshot damage, and ohhhh boi