Info: Horde modifier sets and their frequencies

I was doing some thinking on modifiers and as part of that, wanted to reference some nerd-level lists and statistics on them, but was surprised when I couldn’t actually find anything pre-existing. Forums, you’ve let me down!

So as a start, here are my own preliminary results of the modifier sets we’ve gotten this year to date based on my own look at the “Dailies” threads, with some normalizations and fixups of presumed transcription errors. If you see something wrong, please let me know.

Ordered by frequency:

  1. Bobble Head Enemies, Even Stronger Enemies, Zero Gravity Gore, More Health, Confetti Headshot, More Health, Survivor (8%)
  2. Confetti Headshot, Even Stronger Enemies, Zero Gravity Gore, More Health, Super Charged, More Health, Survivor (7.11%)
  3. Freezing Rifles, More Lethal, Shielded Heavies, More Health, Frag Rejects, Survivor, Regeneration (7.11%)
  4. Aggressive Enemies, More Lethal, More Melee Damage, More Health, Ghost Flushers, Super Energy, Survivor (6.67%)
  5. More Lethal, Shock Rifle Drones, More Health, Shock Grenadiers, Vampiric Drones, Freezing Sniper Bullets, Survivor (6.67%)
  6. Only Regen In Cover, More Lethal, Must Active Reload, More Health, Bobble Head Enemies, Regeneration, Survivor (6.67%)
  7. More Lethal, Freezing Rifles, More Health, Ghost Flushers, Increased Accuracy, Shock Snipers, Survivor (6.22%)
  8. Heads Up, More Lethal, Triple Headshot Damage, More Health, Confetti Headshot, Increased Accuracy, Survivor (5.78%)
  9. More Lethal, Ghost Drones, More Health, Freezing Grenadiers, Aggressive Enemies, Ghost Heavies, Survivor (5.78%)
  10. Poison Flushers, More Melee Damage, More Health, Close Range Gambit, More Lethal, Poison Drones, Survivor (5.78%)
  11. Reduced Bleeding Damage, Survivor, Reduced Explosive Damage, Regen Penalty, Double Headshot Damage, Regeneration, Power Drain (5.78%)
  12. Confetti Headshot, Even Tougher Enemies, Power Boost, More Lethal, Vampire, More Lethal, Survivor (5.33%)
  13. More Lethal, Vampiric Enemies, More Health, Only Regen In Cover, Vampire, Survivor, Regen Penalty (4.44%)
  14. Reduced Heavy Damage, More Lethal, Reduced Explosive Damage, Regen Penalty, Triple Melee Damage, Execution Rules, Survivor (4%)
  15. Ghost Enemies, More Health, Reflective Shell Heavies, Long Range Gambit, More Lethal, Freezing Sniper Bullets, Survivor (3.56%)
  16. More Lethal, Ultra Stopping Power (Enemies), More Health, Aggressive Enemies, Ultra Stopping Power (Allies), Survivor, Regen Penalty (3.56%)
  17. Poison Flushers, Survivor, Reflective Shell Grenadiers, More Lethal, Healing Heavies, Power Drain, Execution Rules (3.11%)
  18. Shielded Grenadiers, More Health, Aggressive Enemies, More Lethal, Vampiric Drones, Survivor, Power Drain (2.22%)
  19. Ultra Power Drain, More Lethal, Ultra Slow Recharge, More Health, Instant Reload, Regen Penalty, Survivor (2.22%)

Feel free to cheer your favorite set, razz your most despised, or simply make a sub-vocal grunt at this useless info and move on with your life.


Interesting stuff. I was thinking of doing something similar - more in-depth as to which mutator has appeared the most. Don’t particularly have a favorite set but I’m pretty sure nobody likes Confetti Headshot / Zero Gravity Gore / Bobblehead Enemies - which are the fakest green mutators ever. Those help nobody.

But hey there is this.

Horde and Escape Dailies Since January 1st.


Most likely, anyway. It still allows most classes besides the engineers to be played in some form or way while providing a different experience to most regular Horde runs. Maybe also anything with Vampire and …

Even Stronger Enemies without Super Charged, Freeze Rifles when it gets spammed 5 times out of 7 days of the week, the “reduced X damage” sets because they always offer a damage boost but also get rid of More Health so you really don’t need it for the most part. And regen in cover without vampire(partly because must active reload is either pointless or throws off your rhythm because TCs “fix” to it breaking explosive weapons was to… turn off auto reload, and still not fix the actual issue).

Nice tables!

Yeah, whether anyone likes Bobble Head + Zero Gravity + Confetti, we sure do get them a lot.

I’m sure you’ll do a better and deeper job of analyzing, though FWIW I guess I technically do have raw individual modifier frequency already, too:

  1. Survivor (100%)
  2. More Health (96.9%)
  3. More Lethal (84.4%)
  4. Confetti Headshot (26.2%)
  5. Regen Penalty (20%)
  6. Regeneration (19.6%)
  7. Aggressive Enemies (18.2%)
  8. Even Stronger Enemies (15.1%)
  9. Zero Gravity Gore (15.1%)
  10. Bobble Head Enemies (14.7%)
  11. Freezing Rifles (13.3%)
  12. Ghost Flushers (12.9%)
  13. More Melee Damage (12.4%)
  14. Increased Accuracy (12%)
  15. Only Regen In Cover (11.1%)
  16. Power Drain (11.1%)
  17. Freezing Sniper Bullets (10.2%)
  18. Reduced Explosive Damage (9.78%)
  19. Vampire (9.78%)
  20. Poison Flushers (8.89%)
  21. Vampiric Drones (8.89%)
  22. Execution Rules (7.11%)
  23. Frag Rejects (7.11%)
  24. Shielded Heavies (7.11%)
  25. Super Charged (7.11%)
  26. Must Active Reload (6.67%)
  27. Shock Grenadiers (6.67%)
  28. Shock Rifle Drones (6.67%)
  29. Super Energy (6.67%)
  30. Shock Snipers (6.22%)
  31. Close Range Gambit (5.78%)
  32. Double Headshot Damage (5.78%)
  33. Freezing Grenadiers (5.78%)
  34. Ghost Drones (5.78%)
  35. Ghost Heavies (5.78%)
  36. Heads Up (5.78%)
  37. Poison Drones (5.78%)
  38. Reduced Bleeding Damage (5.78%)
  39. Triple Headshot Damage (5.78%)
  40. Even Tougher Enemies (5.33%)
  41. Power Boost (5.33%)
  42. Vampiric Enemies (4.44%)
  43. Reduced Heavy Damage (4%)
  44. Triple Melee Damage (4%)
  45. Ghost Enemies (3.56%)
  46. Long Range Gambit (3.56%)
  47. Reflective Shell Heavies (3.56%)
  48. Ultra Stopping Power (Allies) (3.56%)
  49. Ultra Stopping Power (Enemies) (3.56%)
  50. Healing Heavies (3.11%)
  51. Reflective Shell Grenadiers (3.11%)
  52. Instant Reload (2.22%)
  53. Shielded Grenadiers (2.22%)
  54. Ultra Power Drain (2.22%)
  55. Ultra Slow Recharge (2.22%)

sub-vocal grunt

Lol. I love stuff like this, so thanks for putting the time into putting it together!

Has anyone kept track of which set of mutators have appeared on each map? Just for a deeper analysis of nothingness

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Yeah I’m omitting More Health/Lethal and Survivor since they’re not “unique” and are on pretty much every daily.

But what about the double occurrences of More Health and More Lethal?

That makes the mutator even less unique lol. Then I’d just count it twice!

I’ll get back to you on that lol. I was curious as well if there was some sort of pattern but I doubt it.

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I’d love to be able to pick and make my own custom set from all these, just to make my games less boring, the amount of combinations alone can give you loads of hours of play time while keeping things fresh.

It would enable us to use these weird builds that would never work otherwise or simply make it tougher in a non cancer way.

I’d love to replace Survivor for nearly anything else that actually gives the game a proper difficulty increase for the ability to not see otherwise fine runs get thrown into the void because of game BS.

Well, and maybe More Lethal too because with how overtuned enemy damage is they really don’t need that.

More Health and More Lethal shouldn’t be a thing honestly, literally just artificial difficulty modifiers, Survivor should be a toggle setting from the Lobby options similar to how Gears of War 4 had Ironman.


In case you guys are curious, here is something that attempts to show how the damage changes by difficulty and modifiers:

I think these are fairly accurate and if so, they really show how much the damage ramps up


I should really have bookmarked or saved the link to that spreadsheet somewhere.

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If you need a link, here is one:

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Pfft! Settle down, good Doctor!

Now you’re just bloody showing off because you have more free time.

I hope the sound of those shock grenades is still ringing in your ears!
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I am never playing Slugger again.

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I will, if I’m in the same lobby.
I know. Shocking, isn’t it?

Only joking :joy:

…or am I?
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Awful puns aside, it actually is not shocking. Everyone here knows you take great delight in making others regret their life choices.

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