Infinite loading screen on Chapter 1, act 1 (gears 5 PC steam version)

| OS |Windows 10 64bit ( DirectX 12 )|
| CPU | Core i5-9600K |
|Main board| GIGABYTE Z390 UD |
| RAM | CORSAIR 16 GB ( DDR4 3000MHz )|
|GPU| Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 ( 8 GB / Nvidia )|

My game stays in the loading screen at the first Campain episode, I tried many times. but the game still stay in infinite loading screen when it is not crash, the game running, os running as normal. I dont know what causes this issue.

Please create a support ticket at

Thank you!

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So just go offline and the campaign should load fine.

This is balls. I can’t even get the first act to load and I’ve been trying for an hour. I guess I could try going offline, but I don’t wanna be offline. I could submit a support ticket, but they’ve gotta already be looking into this issue. What does another support ticket help?

Got the same problem, hope they fix it soon.

I’m offline and its still loading.