Infinite Load PC

So this is after the Xbox Server issues today. Everytime I start up Gears 4 I get to the start screen then I press enter and it loads for a while then closes. I’m just trying to see if anyone else has this problem right now or if anyone knows a fix.

Stuck here too. Press A and stuck watching the spinner.

I haven’t had this issue but we had a bunch of probs tonight with various people locking up that don’t normally lock up.

People getting booted from squad, etc.

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Guilty as charged. My game just kept crashing on every match it was a pain.

Been there myself tho, it sucks.

Just weird we had both you guys lock up, then a squad boot, and then a fail to join 0X000blah exception.

Gettin real sick of my Xbox app closing for no reason too. Luckily it doesn’t end up booting me from the entire game like it used to.

Hope GoW 5 is better.

Well I fixed it, I had to clear my windows store cache. That also fixed a problem with windows update.