Infiltrator (Kait) Class Tutorial

Hi everybody,

Dr Shwazz here. I made a 17min tutorial on the Infiltrator class (Kait) for PvE. I discuss the new passive, ultimate, skill cards, Horde perks and end the video with some gameplay of this class in action.

A lot of players think TC ruined Kait’s class and that is simply not true. The class just has a different meta and requires a different play style. IMO she got super buffed and is a ton of fun to play.

Thanks and stay safe everyone :slight_smile:


Wish you’d do more characters like this.


Oh don’t worry, we’ll be making tutorial for all 19 classes. It’s just a matter of playing them and leveling them up to 20. Want to do some experimenting with their new cards before making a video where I just read off the screen lol


Nice and informative video!
I play a lot of Infiltrator with this setup and the shot going out of cloak sure does a lot of damage, pretty much downs any boss. I think it’s fun what they did to the class after getting used to it. Not so helpful on Kestrels, Bastions and Guardians anymore but since you can take out the Swarmak with just a overkill blast while getting the full ultimate back that does not matter to much.

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So all the subsequent videos which you release are going to be about the 19 classes?

What I mean by that is are you making it your first priority to make videos covering all the 19 classes?
Or you would just create whatever videos you feel like and the 19 characters video is a long term goal?

I am asking this because one of my friend is new to Gears. I would like to start recommending your videos to him.

This is fantastic. Great information. Kait has been my favorite character to prior to OP 5.

I haven’t played as the Infiltrator class yet, primarily because I was concerned about the 5 meter distance.

The info you have provided has given me renewed hope for this class.

Thank you

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We upload all sorts of videos on the channel. Me and a few buddies of mine. Speedruns, Master Horde setups, Master Horde Frenzy setups, Skill Card Tutorials, Escape stuff etc.

I just wanted to make the Infiltrator video out first bc a lot of people think Kaits class sucks now.

Yeah. With Op5 out, we are planning on making class tutorials for each class but because some classes have new passives & new cards we want to make sure the classes are maxed (all level 6) or mostly maxed before making a thorough video about them. And that will take some time lol

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Nice tutorial, although I still want to disagree that the class hasn’t been nerfed (not as huge as was feared, but still). Next, I want to request a Veteran tutorial. Things have changed quite a bit with him now that the ult just goes for 40 secs when Focus is maxed and stim just generates the entire time via BoB even without rifle hits. It may not be an improvement in horde, but in escape, 40 secs of nigh-invulnerability is enough time to get a lot of things done.

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Same build for me but I swap out/between custom gnasher/atom batteries

Regarding the 10x damage multiplier out of cloak, would it make sense to carry a high damage weapon to take advantage of that? Like an active reload longshot hit for example, would that translate into a One Shot kill? Been carrying a boomshot for such an occasion to use that major spike in damage but I’m open to suggestions on what can work.


Getting an active prior to cloaking and then spamming the overkill into their chest is super effective. I don’t condone spamming the Overkill because it’s inaccurate but when you’re basically barrel stuffing them lol it doesn’t matter.

And the bleed damage is usually enough with maxed cards & perks to recharge most of the ultimate all the way again so you can re-use cloak again.

Although I am curious now to see how much an active Boomshot would do when fired after cloak :joy:


Yes, 10x damage Longshot powersniping is a thing when coming out of cloak. You can 1-shot headshot Scions and DR-1s on late game Master waves 41-50 with the 2.5 health poisons and extra enemy health mutator on.

A bit situational, but can be very handy to help deal with problematic flyers or tough enemies from across the map in a pinch, and the cloak invisibility gives you time to easily line up a shot.

10x damage Longshot powersniping is underrated IMO.

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This was Inconceivable Frenzy during the daily a couple weeks ago. Yes the health mutator was on alongside the 2.0 wave 5-8 poisons. 1-shot powersniped the Swarmak.


I thought it was only ballistic damage? If explosives work, then GL rocket could do more damage than Boomshot.

Paduks bleed said the same and GL worked just fine for a while.

I tested this in a private Horde with no bots, wave 4 on Frenzy with More Health on(so Intermediate). The first active Boomshot I fired at the Warden did about I’d say 10-15% health. When I cloaked and fired at it again with another active Boomshot, it got obliterated from the health it was at.

Fun? Probably. Useful? Ehhh… not sure. Maybe if you can land the Boomshot somewhere that it will deal crit damage on like the head of a Scion or Carrier’s chest(does the Boomshot get extra damage for shooting there? I don’t recall), it’s going to be devastating.

I also tried the GL but it may be inconclusive or the window for the 10x damage is too small for the GL rocket to land to have the damage bonus. Or TC specifically disabled it because by itself the active GL rocket did WAY more damage than the active Boomshot(outside of cloak, that is).

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Yeah it’s only ballistics I wasn’t thinking lol

nice info and thank for sharing…

i need to subsribe to this thread :slight_smile:

Ive been one of the biggest critics of the kait bleed range nerf, and im standing by it.

In the video from about 12:40, it shows the type of style you need to adopt to make this build work. - That is away from the base, using the soft cover, advancing cautiously, staying in corridor areas to reduce enemies angles.

I used to use Kait at “the tip of the spear” (now incidentally a quote from macs description). Staying at the base, holding down a front or a flank at the base, wearing down enemies that where in close to medium range. (long range is more for the sniper or demolitions). If i went DBNO my team was in easy reach to pick me up, if my team went DBNO i was in easy reach / could pop the ult to pick them back up. Old kait was a good team player, the team where happy to see kait on thier team and she was welcomed.

Back to new kait - she is away from the base, lone wolfing. If she goes down , its very risky for the team to get to her. if her team goes down, its a risky path for her to get back to help out. The style of play of new kait is virtually the same now as blademaster, (now and in OP4).
But for me a few differences - lag. With blademaster your melee and even better the breaker mace swipe, has a wide arc which is much more forgiving to lag. The shotguns at close range with lag can often not connect, cause a loss of stim, and be the cause of much frustration and DBNOs.

When i was running Lahni (blademaster) in OP4 i was often kicked in lobbies - probably becasue her playstyle is lonewolf, away from team, high risk of going DBNO. And new kait is going to get this same reputation. In a post someone else posted there was a “no Kait” lobby name. - Im sure TC dont want to go back to this toxicity, An extension of the bleed range sooner rather than later should prevent this.

Also make the stock boom shot hold 4 shots.

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Side note to this, if you’ve got a buddy its really fun to run out with Infiltrator + Blademaster. Perfect compliment to each other. Blademaster puts in some damage for Infiltrator to finish and get stim. Infiltrator puts some bleed damage to heal Blademaster. Add Nomad and Brawler to the mix and you’ve got a slobberknocker.