Infiltrator is good class

I absolutely love this new approach to infiltrator class. Although, I would say the 5m rule is downside to this class. But overall it’s good.


Yes it is really fun. Just don’t play it when you are drunk or tired because if your reactions are off, you will die quickly. Can’t afford to misjudge your gnasher shots when on Master!


It’s still a nerf IMO. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on board with the stim from shotgun kills. After all it didn’t make sense for it to be executions since she wasn’t an executions class. Why’d they have to do the 5m rule though? At best that’s one step forward one step back. You could still make the case of a nerf when now she has to CQC five drones that she could’ve quickly taken from safety behind cover and 15m away with the Overkill before. And now they’ve nullified her best weapon, forcing us to prefer a Gnasher, and taking away the option of alternative Overkill build. No sense in using an Overkill anymore since you won’t be aiming within 5m anyway. It would only be a true buff if they kept her strong from range but also able to get stim from the shotgun kills. Or another option would’ve been to add a card that extended the bleed range, so we could still opt for her previous playstyle if we so desired.

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The main issue is trying to force the class into the CQC too much which in Horde at least effectively invalidates the cloak build in combination with having the shotgun bleed and Blood Resonance. Because you’d have to be so close to the enemies to have any bleed whatsoever, you need all three Stim related skills to even remotely survive being that close to the enemies.

So you either make a choice between a pure shotgun killing build with Stim, or forgo one of the supposed core aspects of the class for cloak executing while having to use completely non-damage boosted weapons during cooldown phases.

The Overkill does work for one thing better than the Gnasher which is the 10x damage when shooting out of cloak, spamming the trigger effectively instantly gives the ult back to you due to the obscene amount of damage dealt by the shots(the bleed helps of course). Otherwise doesn’t have much going for it.

Does a single shot from the overkill do more damage than a gnasher shot? At point blank range I mean. I am guessing that when shooting out of cloak with an Overkill, only the first shot gets the 10x damage? I have never actually tried using the overkill in this situation so perhaps I should. Especially as I now do not user the card that gives 30% extra gnasher damage.

This is the truth! If you’re off by a hair against elite drones/grenadiers it’s good night. Imagos, Hammerburst drones, Juvies, DB Enforcers (a few at a time) with enough speed, Kait can survive there onslaught, even DB overkill, at times. The one thing that super annoys me is the way elite drones AI is regarding aggressive play towards them, were they start back pedaling an firing.

Nope, spamming the Overkill makes several of its shots get the 10x damage bonus. Go try it.

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This is not true. I have played the Cloak build on River and Overload in Op 5, and it is still viable. It hasn’t been invalidated. When we played together, you only tried Stim build and not the original Cloak build from pre-Op 5, not once.

The Stim cards haven’t been necessary when I played the Cloak build. It’s more riskier, sure. I had to use the covers a lot more often, and wait patiently for them to come across, to recharge my Ultimate.

I was using Custom Gnasher for that Cloak build, just like I previously used in previous Operations. It’s a boosted card weapon. It seemed the best to use IMO, around covers to recharge Ultimate.

I don’t believe this is true. It should be applying to the first shot, which is also several pellets. What was happening there was that the Overkill recharged more of Ultimate bar, but doesn’t necessarily mean that 2nd, 3rd shot and so on, were all doing 10x times. It’s not an accurate conclusion unless fired slowly to see what was going on,

We went over this, I told you to try it yourself. Nothing in the passive states it is only the first shot, but you ignored that message completely so far.

And when I mean invalidated I mean it is a lot less viable and likely to be more boring waiting for enemies to blunder into the shotgun bleed range using the cloak build. Doesn’t seem like very engaging gameplay.

You could try switching on damage numbers HUD before you assume that multiple Overkill shots are 10x times damage. There’s no way to tell from video clip. Just like when you asked how much damage was a boss taking because it tanked a lot, and from my screen, it was literally 1% HP, lol.

Because the fact that I was getting a massive damage boost on spamming Overkill shots on a boss practically instantly resetting the cloak cooldown isn’t enough evidence🙄

Here’s a hint : Most weapons are not even going to show a damage number when you multiply the base damage by 10.

And I was actually referring to the fact that the Carrier was sponging a ridiculous amount of explosives and artillery strikes when the Matriarch went down fairly quickly in comparison on that same boss wave. Stop putting words in my mouth.

The massive recharge could be a glitch.

The 10x numbers being over 10,000 damage which wouldn’t show, if you were right, then you see this:

1st Shot = _____
2nd Shot = _____

If you were wrong, the numbers would show this:

1st Shot = _____
2nd Shot = (random number under 10,000 dmg)

Well it certainly sounds like some experimentation is needed.

But does anyone know if a normal or active Overkill single shot is stronger than the equivalent for gnasher, in the assumption all pellets land, and bo extra damage cards on the gnasher are applied? Knowing this would at least make it clear which shotgun I should be firing out of cloak with, regardless of follow up shots.

I know that you can recharge your cloak again almost instantly because of the blood resonance effect, which is compounded by the 10x damage done out of cloak.

Active Gnasher is strongest. I could body a Drone in one shot, but an active Overkill wouldn’t do that unless multiple shots,

I’d only bother with the Overkill for bosses or minibosses to shoot out of cloak. For everything else, Gnasher works better.


And what if Gnasher kills bosses faster because of much higher damage? Even though Overkill recharges Cloak faster.

Overkill sounds like a better weapon to exit Cloak with, on a Cloak build.

I have not noticed a big difference or that the Overkill potentially kills faster because of the cloak thing. Other than it seeming less likely the boss will hit back or insta kill because you cloak up more and the boss gets stunned from the absurd amount of damage dealt by Overkill shot spam.

I didn’t like Infiltrator at first, but over time I’ve grown to love them. If you are a master at movement (wallbouncing, up A’s/back A’s, wraparounds, etc. ) you will grow to love them as now they are absolute tanks and you can get away with just full on murdering everything, if you are someone that treated the class like a short/medium range sentry where you just sprayed at enemies from afar til they bled to death you are screwed lol, skillgap has definitely gone up with Infiltrator I feel.

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Infiltrator with the stim build is absolutely filthy in Escape.

I’m more upset that the Chain card doesn’t work for meatshields anymore. The class could have been great for score running all the older hives that had the leaderboards unlocked for OP5.

I think overall I prefer how cloak works now. Whilst we can no longer meatshield and weapon swap drones if we want to extend the cloak, we can now tackle deebees and rejects. I think this is overall more useful because it covers a wider range of enemies. The longer execution is balanced out by the longer extend from doing them, and if you have your movement speed perk up high you can get through a lot of them.

This plus the other option of going the stim tank build makes the class more versatile. If they could just 2-3 more metres to the bleed distance I think it would be perfect.

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