Individual Purchase System For eSports Packs

They should definitely apply the individual character and skin set purchase system they introduced with the Lambent packs for all the eSports Packs. They would still get money and the community would really like it because they will get exactly what they want and pay for. Anyone else think this would be a great idea?


Yeah the general consensus amongst fans is that RNG has no place for real money purchases. Hopefully TC will take this on board and implement it soon.

I think the main debate now centres around (1) what format should these sold in (e.g.: individual cards, bundles containing the full set, or something in between); and more importantly (2) the cost. Fans have different views as to what is considered reasonable and what is considered overpriced.


Agreed, I bought an esports pack and received a duplicate character. This was very disappointing for me, essentially I paid 9.99 for 600 in scrap.

It’s been talked about a LOT.
They refuse to do it for this one but hopefully in the next.
Fortnite is set to make 3.5B this year. Selling individual characters is one of the factors behind that.

i would really love that ive been tyring to get black steel classic baird no luck at all ive bought 4 esports supporter pack 9 and 9 greatist hits and still no luck like come on yestrday i played 3 games were my teamates had him i was so sad lol

Scrap wouldn’t be an issue if there’s something worth getting.

I have 90,000 Scrap and nothing to get.

Now if there was “Premium Scrap” so that I could at least convert eSports duplicates in to scrap that can be used to craft eSports items then that would be a lot better.


They would need to carefully consider the pricing of it. It doesn’t seem like they did this for the Lambent packs, since $9.99 and $13.99 for the characters is a bit high. They also shot themselves in the foot by not communicating sooner the fact the packs would be monetary only, leaving them scrambling when the backlash hit by announcing it 1 day before the packs were to go live. I wonder what the bigger snafu was, the Lambent pack rollout, or the backlash Epic had to deal with for the pricing of the Dark Corners and All Fronts DLCs for Gears 2.

Keep in mind that with the RNG packs, there are people that are throwing a lot of money at them trying to complete sets or trying to draw social media views. For guaranteed packs, TC will probably want to keep the same level of money coming in as with the previous packs. They are in business to make money, after all.

So, are there still enough people in the community to support a guaranteed pack model vs. the streamers throwing tons of money at RNG packs model? For every person that spent, say, $200 on an eSports RNG pack in the past, are there 7 others still in the community that avoided RNG packs but would buy a $25 guaranteed pack so the income per release is consistent? Would they have a better chance of getting 9 others at $20? 19 others at $10? 39 others at $5? Closer to release, they could have probably gotten the higher numbers for cheaper guaranteed packs, but at this point in Gears 4’s life, the income from streamers buying a lot of packs would probably outweigh the income from guaranteed packs.

Or could TC go the route Turn 10 took with Forza and decide that the goodwill of no loot boxes overrides the income they can generate? Stranger things have happened.

This was my first experience with rng, and while I did buy a lot of horde packs early on to max my horde skills and some esports packs, I am done with $ for rng.

I would pay for some characters, but not with rng.

So lets see what happens…

skin pack 4.99 would work awesome


I can understand the pricing; a lot of effort goes into making these characters and TC just wants to make sure those who are a part of that department get fairly compensated. I will say though I do think they could be cheaper and I honestly think if they did that then more people would buy them and they would see an even bigger profit then what they are doing right now. I guess we will just have to wait and see

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RNG/Lootboxes are the devil and SHOULD BE ERASED FROM VIDEO GAMES

Simple as that.

Direct purchase, im cool with that as long as the prices are ok. 5$US for a character, 3$US for a gun skin pack. Not more than that.

Seriously when i saw the lambent skin at 17$CAD my jaw almost drop the floor. I made a youtube video about it. 17$ for a character skin…

And don’t get me started on the whole “they work hard” seriously guys fighting games usually charge max 10$CAD for there added fighters. We are talking full fledge characters with unique move sets, and they have to make sure those new guys don’t break the game (overpowered or underpowered) There is no reason to have a 17$CAD skin (or 14$US or whatever it was)

Honestly with GOW4 they totally screwed up in term of monerarization and marketing. Even as late as the last Lambent skin. But im sure deep down they know it. I hope for our sakes as gamer that they realize what a mess they made with that game. Between the useless season pass that not only was pretty much useless but on top of that gave us duplicates of maps and reharshals of previous games map without any improvements, but also the esport packs locking skins behind pay walls with crappy RNG. Yes they where not as bad at the end as at release (at release it was an insult really) but still… they got to improve this. Oh and i almost forgot the horde cards… those purples are just so rare its ridiculous. Totally made so you spend on those 10 cards 1 purple guarenteed

** Note, everything i say there is about monetarization and not the game itself. I think GOW4 is decent game gameplay wise.

The E-Sports pack fund the E-Sports events they do ,I think your correct on that they would want the same amount coming in that’s coming in now for those, if they lost any extra money then they would not be able to do the Pro circuit

Just greed and not understanding of the market, is the problem.

character/skins= should be no more than 2.99/5.99 per
weapon packs= 5.99
Esports = 5.99 character 14.99 character/weapons

its not that hard- after seeing how Fortnite does their dlc, RNG should be dead now.

Compared to other game franchises, how does the Gears eSports scene compare in popularity?

I’m curious to know about how sustainable it is, and whether it is or can be self sufficient.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of eSports programs struggle to be self sufficient and relies on alot of extra money from the developer.