Increased lag compensation?

Going through the patch notes theres nothing in there indicating balance changes for PvP, yet from my first match playing (they’re all 160ms against 30ms since release of this brilliant game), it plays drastically different. It feels like I’m being 1 shot from much farther than before and taking much more damage. Is anyone else in the discarded non-US playerbase feel this or is it just me?
Still over a year since release and they still haven’t fixed the bug allowing low ping players to cancel shots which would otherwise trade. Honestly such a garbage game at this point lmao, I feel so sorry for Halo fans having this shambles of a company working on their franchise.

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I’m in the US but I’ve been feeling this before this OP. Wouldnt say it plays different but late at night like 3am and beyond the Mexicans just get way laggier and get these outrageous Up A’s that gib you from a galaxy far far away. Then the ping listings themselves I got into a match where everyone’s was solid all under a 100 but the match was still choppy and felt laggy. Sucks because at masters every match is just against full laggy Mexican teams lol and since the meta of this game is just Up A and play for the gib it feels like you’re getting robbed a lot of times

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Yeah to me the gnasher seemed alot stronger - I was getting gibbed from pretty far last night, but the thing that was even more noticeable was the 2-shot down range. Like I was getting shot with a cannon. I’d been playing ALOT leading up to this Op, so I have a pretty good feel for what’s a safe distance to keep during gnasher fights…at least I thought I did lol. So yeah the distance I was getting 2-shot downed from was blowing my mind more than anything.

Something else has been bothering me for about a month now that’s been becoming really obvious - anytime I’m in a match against a squad, even if it’s just 2 players in a squad, I have all kinds of issues when I go toe to toe with them. The most common one is that they are spongier - they take one or two more shots to down than anyone else, and it’s annoying b/c in the extra time I spend to kill the sponge, someone else lancers me down or closes distance and kills me. The other really common issue is my gun doesn’t shoot. It happens often when I’m up close with an enemy who is in a squad. There were a few times I’d be getting lancered by someone and my character’s movement slowed down like the enemy’s lancer had stopping power. Just weird ■■■■ like that, but I check their ping and it is decent. I don’t know what it is about players in a squad but I swear something is up.

I’m skeptical about the ping that the game shows. Like last night in a FFA match, the dude that won the match was untouchable and he had a steady 50-ish ping the whole match, yet I was watching him rubber band and teleport all around the map. Just doesn’t add up man