Increase the drop rate of blue / purple horde cards

Just finish 50 waves horde on insane and got 9 greens and one purple. I should have got 4 blues instead of the greens. This is not good enough. Who do i tweet to complain about this?


You tweet to @RNG and @Luck.


Somebody’s feisty today. I like it lol :grin:

But yeah OP, you gotta pray to RNGesus before every run if you want to get your hands on some of the good cards.


Nah mate, they just want you to grind out absolutely tons of Scrap to upgrade the cards instead.

Tons of unscrappable cards to be exact… Wait till you hit the cap for that…

You mean cards adding up even though you’re maxed them already? Already got that happening for my Jack. I just want to finish the bloody Optimiser card, but instead keep getting Healing Distance cards. xD

19 inconceivable escapes for 1 gold card to finish Emile off man in his cards, 19 games of flash the scion and watch people still die mania. Finally on 19 got 2 dudes who actually wanted to play the game. Took all the hardest paths on surge, and man did it feel good to finally use him leveled up. Low and behold the one time we actually play the map, can finally take his halo card to 5. I think in escape the more you kill, the better your cards. Maybe it was luck, who knows.

I’ve noticed Del’s DB weapon card, think it’s a blue, seems to have a low drop rate. We did a master game last night in horde to push my JD up for razor hail. Think I hit close to 14 and got like 3 razor hail purples, the explosive launcher ammo. He’s finally useful for me.

Jack that optimizer I got to 5 by dumb luck. It just kept dropping awhile ago. Horde seems to be more rng. I really think escape cards are tied to map performance.

If they bring that 25 wave horde back, and made it like a blue, a purple, and a green or two, man I would love that. I’d take 1 gold and all greens after if it was 25. You get those bum cards after 50 and you’re like why did I sit through that? Hordes rough in this game. By wave 30 I’m willing to negotiate for 1 purple and a green if it can just be over.

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