Increase the chunk range (Clip Inside)

So, a lot of people have been advocating for the chunk range to be increased again, even since they reduced it. Here is a link to a clip of raidhn point blanking someone over cover, hitting every pellet with the new spread, and no chunk. Not even a down. If the chunk range was increased by just a little bit, it would have been a kill. The spread was not the problem when it came to inconsistencies with chunking. It is the chunk RANGE that is the problem. Please TC increase the chunk range.


Guess I haven’t seen them because all I want is the gib range to be reduced even further. At that distance, those should’ve been a kill, yes, but in general, the gib range is just too big.

I think this would be fixed if TC abandoned the idea of “percentage of spread” needing to hit to register chunks.

IMO, a gib should happen if ANY pellet lands within a certain distance. They should all be regarded as “hot” until they leave gib range. I’m not sure if they do anything else, but there shouldn’t be any damage calculation or anything when bullets are that close. Just a gib.

They said they have bugs when it comes to the gib range and its consistency, they’re working on it now