Increase power weapon spawn times, in core?

This should be a minor programming change so might be possible even this late…

I love power weapons, especially explosives, so don’t think this is driven by a desire to reduce them… I just find that the 60s spawns now mean the fight over the control of PWs (especially on maps with multiple useful ones, like foundation, fallout, forge, etc) is taking people away from the main fight over rings (koth) for a HUGE part of the game…

Could we make it 90s? I think that’s what Comp has… So we still have power weapons, but there is more time to fight the battle proper?

I am someone who usually tries to collect/deny power weapons to the other team, and I find that becomes the game for me, very little opportunity to help with/at the ring (koth)…

That’s a great sub-strategy, the fight over power weapons is an awesome element of the game, maybe just give us an extra 30s between each spawn, to play the main objective?

And for non-koth game modes that would make the initial push for power weapons all that more important…

Control over power weapons is definitely part of the challenge in KOTH.

The main issue I find with 90s over 60s is that we all know a KOTH match can be lost by literally 1 point of the timer or perhaps the difference of a Dropshot spawning in time for someone to clear out the circle with.

Of course, overall impact is hard to judge without know how all the moving parts work with the spawn timers. (For example if Comp is 90 seconds you also have to account that there are 3 rings as well as ever extending player/death respawn timers)

Comp is 2 minutes (120 seconds) after the weapon is picked up. Core is 1 minute (60 seconds) after fully used.

I’m not actually sure why there is a difference. Ever since Gears 2, they introduced this “after use” spawning timer instead of just “after pickup”.

Yeah, I didn’t know about the comp setting being after pickup… some of the core weapons are also after pickup (overkill, retro, etc). Just the really powerful ones are after use, so you can’t have multiple full ones on the field (boom, drop, frags, etc).

That’s exactly what Gears of War 4 needs: More nerfing and less effeciency! As a bonus, there will probably be some other unintended side change with The Coalition at the helm.

Well, thanks for posting something which has nothing to do with the thread, and offers zero points infavor or against the proposed idea :wink:

Personally I think that giving players 30s more time to fight with loadout weapons, before we run to fight over pickup power weapons, would be both a benefit to the game and in the spirit of the game… I fail to see any “nerf” contained herein.

Wait, well, unless you are one of those team mates who spend 85% of the game hiding at a power weapon spawn point, just waiting to grab it, get a few kills, and goes back to hiding… Then yes, I can see why you would not like this idea…

No idea will be supported by EVERYONE. Power weapon campers will oppose it, fair enough…

Sure, let’s add an extra 30 seconds, That’ll be great for something like King of the Hill when an entire team is fortifed spraying lancer fire everywhere. I guess we just better hope the rollback isn’t too bad and the game decides to register our gnasher shots when we close the distance!

Maybe, MAYBE if the game wasn’t already littered with ridiculous lag compensation, dodgy hit detection and variable input lag it would be something I’d entertain. It already feels like some fundamental part of othe game changes every week with the online play. This game doesn’t need anything else against it, unless you want to alienate the 12 of us still playing.

I see your point, certainly since my return to KotH I have not found the perfect combination of getting power weapons and playing the obj. It does focus more on people using loadout weapons better, but these are still OP to a degree. You could also argue that people at the top will know how to use their loadout weapons properly anyway, so it wont make a significant difference to high-level play.

I think that TC’s vision on Core is that the majority of players play this mode, including returning and “casual” players. They want the satisfaction of getting a kill with power weapons.

And I think it would reduce the amount of swings and comebacks in matches. Less weapons to counter Lancer set-ups. It would become like Escalation is in late rounds to a degree. Whoever wins the initials take the weapons, get the power positions, and create near-unbreakable positioning.

Not necessary, fixing the random times where the ring isn’t broken when you step on it should take priority.