Incorrect color reproduction on PC vs. Xbox

After playing through the game on Xbox One X and then revisiting it on PC I noticed there are definitely some color reproduction issues on the PC build. The whole scene looks muted, there’s greater lack of color depth, it’s not as vibrant, it’s very washed out looking.

I figured this was worth a look maybe from a developer so they can compare and contrast on their end.

Xbox One X

PC Ultra+Insane Settings

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“Most of games designed for consoles and tv and supposed to be in 16-235 limited range, but devs are lazy and when they port games to PC they, in most cases, don’t change post processing tweaked for limited range to full, so in result colors that supposed to be black and white are both shades of grey in most of pc games, they looked washed out and dimmed, like you have a fat layer of dust on display. So for most PC games that came from consoles, you have to use limited color range in display settings, or if its not supported – sweetfx has black levels shader that simply turns full range into limited and restore intended look of game. Even biggest games on pc has this problem due of lazy and incompetent porting, to name few; GTAV and Witcher 3 (try to turn limited range and see how colors bounce and nights actually becomes dark and days becomes light).”

Written by @voodooman:

In a nutshell, it’s the answer to your doubts :wink:

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