Inconsistent Gnasher

Recently, I started noticing how my shots would go through enemies when hip firing, in addition to the incredible amount of times I have done 98 percent hits. Has any of this happened to anyone else?

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Yes the Gnasher has been having issues for years now. Everything you wrote 99% of the community has experienced it. TC posted in they “figured” out what the issue was. The Gnasher to be fair was starting to come around until they released Operation 2. Another issue is this game benefits high ping players over low ping. Only game I know that does this, anyway that is another issue that is linked to weapons in general registering.

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Get used to the range and it will feel more consistent. Every time I take a break off gears I have this problem of thinking the gnasher has been changed but after a good run of games I start to time my shots better when they are close enough to count.

I’m coming towards a big break off gears 5 anyway(like a 3 month one)so no doubt when I return I’m going to feel like a total gnasher novice again…

High ping players are not favored in Gears 5.

I play against 5 ping players and I’m an easy target for them, and the ones who are favored in any multiplayer game are the ones who have fluctuating pings, even if they have low pings.

Moreover, gnasher magnetism is scheduled for a fix on the next TU for K&M players as per the following link:


High ping players get a nice dose of Lag Comp and also seem to add in artificial lag for low ping players.

They also increase the already inconsistent Gnasher even more.

Lag Comp is very aggressive in Gears, don’t know why but TC has chose to help out the high pingers.


Thats the issue its high ping plus bullet magnetism issues combined that makes this game frustrating to play. Hopefully this next update makes this more bearable. The matchmaking is also horrendous in this game.

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My ping is 5 to 10 and people with 50+ ping can react faster than me. I feel like im the one with the high ping and have to play passive and predict where they are. Even if i shoot first they kill me without it even registering my shot. Ever since the last update this game has not felt right.

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I dont feel confident in any close combat its like a dice roll. Ive had so much Weird stuff happen …like i just spawned and started seeing hit markers as if i was shooting someone and iwas just casualy walking :man_shrugging:. I watched a video recently where a swarm character spawned in mid air and into cover. I shoot people for 112…120 damage and no downs, 98% 99% same distance and no hit markers just percentages…and this weird glitch where i hear someone getting shot across the map but see blood squirting next to me as if he was invisible i dont know how to explain it. I play classic alt and the movement is trash now i hate the last update revert pls.


That’s wishful thinking tbh.

Lag Comp is always going to be there for the higher pingers.

Anyone on 60+ really is too high, then the 80-90+ players can just run around like invincible players …


I had a lobby against a full stack of 90-280ms ping players and all of them seemed to be getting shots off first and absorbing a lot of hits.

my gnasher just avoids the enemies, sometimes it doesn’t do any damage to enemies i’m sure i hit
pc version

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I ve been having this problem where if i bring up guide menu during a match i get this weird sound as if its crashing or somethin do u know what that is??

Not had this.

I did have the permanent flash screen yesterday though on Allfathers.

Was annoying as.

My sound likes to cut out too - only on Gears 5! :joy:

I guess everyone has different problems never had that flash screen wow this game iz broken .

If you want to see the clip of the swarm character spawning in the air go to Revived Saiyans profile its the one 5 days ago on reclaimed he is holding embar in the preview.

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