Inconsistent FPS in MP?

Because the feature has never existed in Gears 5… the camera angles don’t exist.

…TC logic. :laughing:

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TC logic is baffling.

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As you mentioned above we’ve been dealing with performance issues since Gears 4. However, on my hardware, I had no issues with Gears 4 or even Gears 5 up until the start of Operation 3. I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll do so again.

Operation 3 - I had to reboot after 5 matches of any mode (time wasn’t a factor) or I’d get stutters

Operation 4 - 3 Matches

Operation 5 - Usually after 1 or 2 matches but sometimes it acts up on the first match.

Why did this game become progressively worse with each Operation? And I’m not talking mid-operation. These performance issues began the very day each one launched.

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Gears 4 I escaped any issues due to having the RTX 2000 Series Cards.

Gears 5,

I escaped any issue until I swapped to the 3090 and windows did a auto-update on the drivers.

Then, it was unplayable & without a fix (was going to try the AMD 6900XT).

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I’m guessing you don’t play Gears 5 on PC currently?

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Not since OP5.

Not dealing with bad performance & constant stutters and no way to go back to September 2019 drivers.

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Can you forward this thread onto the proper team so we can get a fix? We’ve been asking for a fix on both Gears 4 and Gears 5 for far too long and each time it’s an empty promise at best of “we’re looking into it”. The problem is like all empty promises nothing ever comes from it.

It’s not like these complaints come from some knock-off GPU. These are high end mainstream GPUs such as the Nvidia 2080ti, 3080 and 3090. Even 10 series GPUs are having major issues. Reverting drivers down (if possible) isn’t a viable solution because it in turn makes any newer games either run poorly or at worst not run at all. Something needs to be done here.

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You can’t even revert down.

You can’t install those drivers anymore.

You’re basically stuck.

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I know.

This is why I said (if possible) in my response. But I’m saying reverting to any drivers other than the newest isn’t a viable solution.

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A response that TC are looking into it would be best case scenario right now.

A fix with Nvidia?

I hope so.


FPS was tanking in Arms Race at around 60 fps average and dipping below it sometimes in explosive spam situations. Tested downgrade to 451.48 and gained a 10-20 fps on average and no dips below 60 except for moment when loading in.

Only problem: something has changed with Nvidia when using an outdated driver. Now I get a warning popup before booting Gears 5 telling me that my PC “does not meet minimum requirements” and my graphics card has “known compatibility problems.” It’s Code: GW501. I know the problem is merely the outdated driver and not the card because it wasn’t doing that with the new driver, and has never done that before.

I have an RTX 2060 and play at custom, mostly high settings with a few settings scaled down to boost performance that I don’t care about.

edit: It appears performance varies by map and possibly how long I’ve been playing. I’ve seen it sit in 90-100 fps range which is very good but then occasionally revert back at the underwhelming 60-70 range. Not sure if or how much map has to do with it. Obviously, this isn’t close to real, extensive, professional, testing but would be interested in others’ findings.

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Yep same here. I have a laptop, not overly performant but it does its job well. I got for few days 30fps cap , usually I go in the range of 100-120 but sometimes it goes on auto-cap at 30 for no reasons

Everyone is aware of the best way to downgrade to old drivers, correct? I thought I read a post that it wasn’t possible. Well, all you need to do is go to this site: Nvidia Advanced Driver Search, and find the driver you want. If you need a really old one that isn’t there, there are other sites for that but can’t remember off the top of my head. You’ll have to Google them. Download DDU from here Wagnardsoft and boot your PC into safe mode, use DDU to clear your driver, then close it and go through the install for old driver that is in your downloads section. Best to do it all in safe mode. When Windows does an auto-update, just go through the process again. It doesn’t take too long. Sorry, if this was obvious, but I thought I’d read a post earlier that someone thought they couldn’t do that, but I may have misunderstood.

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The effort required just to play Gears while messing up other games is unacceptable. I know you’re only the messenger here and I appreciate your information for those that don’t know how to do this yet. But I can’t imagine many are going to constantly do this to go back and fourth between games.

Come on @the-coalition, please fix this issue. The workarounds aren’t going to happen.


Yep, this is a known workaround, but as @Krylon_Blue mentioned, downgrading drivers introduces compatibility issues for other games.

It’s also sort of hacky in my opinion. A big part of software development is monitoring regressions, both actively and passively, and then proactively implementing a fix. It becomes a little complicated if the fix needs to happen on a dependency which, in this case, may be Nvidia.

My guess is TC don’t have the necessary resources to investigate something like this because of a few things

  1. Majority of the player base is on console, which is what the game is optimized for
  2. The game runs “good enough,” and stutters for the minority player base don’t mean much in the big picture of performance among all platforms
  3. As mentioned above, the fix may be on Nvidia, which could have no clear timeline.