Inconsistent FPS in MP?

Does anyone else here often have inconsistent FPS in multiplayer? I’ve noticed this quite a bit over the last couple of operations. It will stay locked at 120fps, then often dip into the 80s or 70s, which is quite jarring and really degrades the experience. I’ve had to turn most settings down to medium to try and make things more consistent, but to no avail. I’m playing at 1440p, but I don’t I certainly have the specs to handle it.

Just wanted to see if anyone here has experienced anything similar.

i9 9900k
RTX 2080
16 gb RAM
Samsung EVO SSD

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It’s a combination of issues,

New Nvidia Drivers are the main issue for me,

Then you’ve got TC’s updates tanking performance,

Add both of those together,

Nvidia cards just not playing great atm, especially with the stutters.


Since the game was launched I complained this but they simply ignore It. Example of stutters:

I don’t need to keep recording recent proofs if they just don’t do nothing.

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Lately I’m having crashes when I slam the Breaker mace and/or a lot of crap is going on at the same time. I think the FPS drops so low it causes it. It will only happen once or twice, then I restart my system and it doesn’t happen again. Was pretty painful having it happen on the LZ during an Escape match recently.

It’s pretty annoying to have great specs and not even be able to have a smooth playing game unless I turn everything on low (which I definitely shouldn’t have to). The game stutters more than Warzone, and that’s saying something :joy:


All the time.

At times it stutters without any actual drops to my FPS. Others it drops frames like crazy. I generally run 1440p on Ultra without issue but then it breaks randomly. At times a reboot helps but when it doesn’t I find I have to uninstall and reinstall the whole game.

The weird part is lowering my settings to low and 1080p doesn’t fix these issues. My friend @Alararis was dropping below 30fps last night. His CPU was maxing out (he has an i9) while his GPU (some 10 series) wasn’t even hitting 50% usage.

My setup is
i7 8700K
250GB Samsung EVO 860 boot drive
2TB Samsung EVO 860 game drive

No excuses for these stutters and drops. @the-coalition, can you get on this? This has been going on for a while and is common on Nvidia GPU.



Yeah, it’s a weird issue. I love being mid-fight with all the stuttering :heart:

It’s not something I anticipate them fixing because the game runs “good enough.” They never did fix the crashing on 10 series Nvidia cards on Gears 4 that was happening for years either, so I don’t imagine we’ll have much luck here.

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Their “good enough” is game breaking for me. I built a PC for stable high frame rates but all I get on my favorite game is last generation console performance (maybe worse).

Not too happy about it. I barely play anymore because I am annoyed by the stutters. I mostly play games that don’t play with my psyche.


Too many other good games out there to be stuck on one that will just piss you off haha

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Oh those stutters and lower FPS!


Old drivers would solve the issue,

But you can’t always install them anymore.

I was going to swap my 3090 for a 6900XT,

But then,

I can just play 4K Ultra 120FPS locked on the Series X,

And keep everything else on PC running rock solid.

Gears 1 PC was bad, but worked,

Gears UE PC didn’t have FOV & Campaign Performance was bad,

Gears 4 stepped it up and constantly crashed for people,

Gears 5 took the biscuit and now had consistent stutters and frame drops / performance loss.

Shame because at launch, Gears 5 ran well.

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I bought a PS5 but didn’t want to spend money on a Series X due to having a much more powerful PC. Gears performs poorly on my PC so it almost inclined me to try and find a Series X but then I remember I can’t change the FoV and I’m not a fan of being right on top of my characters backside.

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That’s the biggest issue rn,

The FOV…

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The FoV is enough to push me away from buying a Series X.

I’d buy a Series X and play Gears 5 on it just to avoid the stuttering. Instead I play a match and once stutters begin I give up.

I hope there’s an FOV slider for Gears 6. There’s no excuse to not add one at this point. Last gen games like Battlefield 1 have an FOV slider for console. Halo MCC has one too.


I’d hope so. Honestly these new consoles are great performance wise. I could see myself ditching PC at some point given how little I play games anymore and the weird issues my favorite game(s) tend to have.

No excuse to not have a FoV slider. Although I figure Gears 5 would either run at 60fps with 100FoV or 120fps with standard FoV. I don’t think I could drop to 60FPS on Gears. It feels weird on my eyes now.

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Gears 5 on Series X can do 120Hz regardless of FOV.

The FOV doesn’t actually hit performance much, if at all.

You can benchmark at 80 and 100, id be surprised if there’s a difference.

I’ve never noticed a single frame drop on MP.

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TCs excuse was it’s too much work to add it in 5.

I’m sure 6 will have it.

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There has to be some performance hit. You’re widening what you’re able to see including the environment. This is one reason console has never had the option for FoV on most games.

On a PC with our power it’s likely negligible. I’m just not sure how that translates to consoles.

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I get that,

It’s why they said they didn’t have it for launch on console,

With the Series X though, wouldn’t be a issue at all.

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