Inconsistency with gnasher

Is it just me or is the gnasher EXTREMELY inconsistent? I can hardly get kills with this thing any more man. I’ve played every gears since 1 and have been very gnasty with the shotgun im every game except this one. Amd recently o feel like i have a terrible connection as my shots won’t even show up in kill cam. Just shows me getting gibbed when I shot first even. Anyone else having this problem or is it just my network cause it says its fine but… Idk …

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Yeah 4% is the new 96, 97% when I shoot point blank.

I hate to say this my friend but im just glad to hear it’s not just me lol… Its getting hard to play any more… Sad,


Hell yeah, ihonestly started to feel like i suck as soon as i switched from 4 to 5… Glad to hear its not just me… Seems like some of it might be slow connection , but my ping is usually 40-50… Is there anythine else that can cause delays?

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Having a hard time my self sadly, games just different along with not working properly.

Yes there are time were i shoot point blank and nothing.


Take it from me. You just really have to practice in this game. This is a different breed of gears. Watch some videos of pros, that really helped me.

Edit: one of the most important things I learned his to hold your shots and only shoot when you know it’ll be a Kill

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Its not inconsistent, its the connection against other players. Not only do shots have to be more precise, but you also more than likely are playing against players with a better connection/lower ping.

You have to recognize those players with low ping and time your shots accordingly or itll feel like your playing against host.

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Good lookin out. I try not to blame the game but rather myself. I guess they have made movement a bigger importance than aim. Because of the wall bounce craze I would assume but hell I’m sticking with it for now. Im just a pop shot kinda guy. I’m no pro but I am def very experienced and the wall bounce thing has always been kinda gimmicky to me. And when it rose to popularity after the first game or two it gave me a headache but I learned how to counter it with my play style. It just seems as if damage and range are a bit inconsistent in this game