Inconsistency popshot for PC?

Is it me or does pop shotting in Gears 5 seem kinda out of place? I know how to pop shot and been playing this game for all my life, but I always find myself pop shotting and my shot always seems to barely hit them? Maybe I might be crazy or pop shotting too fast but I find it odd not seeing my short connect when I pop shot, I play on PC so I don’t know if console players have an advantage or maybe just I’m getting too old and prob used to Gears 2-4 pop shots. I’m not the only one who feels this weird pop shot not going through? Or am I just crazy and becoming a sad Gears Boome

You’ll find it’s the game and not you .
Pop shot - spread goes outside the reticle now , well at least 4 or 5 pellets . Shot a wall and you see .