Inconceivable horde mania and a 1-25 inconceivable bounty please

For the love of god add these two suggestions in the game! Makes it easier to avoid playing with inexperienced players. Plus horde mania is the most enjoyable horde variant you guys (TC) ever created. 1-50 inconceivable is too boring at this point along with feral horde. Horde lite is just as boring, but too easy.

Pretty sure they said they have no intention of adding new bounties to the game unfortunately.

I wo der why, this question is always on my mind yet I keep forgett g to ask them during dev stream haha.

That’s too bad. Hopefully they bring back horde mania again anyway. I had more fun playing that variant than all the other variants combined.

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Probably not any time soon though sinc it was up for nearly a monthu. They probably want to bring back older horde events now.