Inconceivable campaign.... need some help

anyone around right now to jump in to campaign- inconceivable co-op. That juvie section in act 3 is killing me over and over. Actually doing it myself on inconceivable but this is just wasting my life.

Tag is CarlosYabrudy

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Hey yeah. Sorry again man. I was gonna jump on after my koth match. But I had something come up. Might be able to later tonight though

:-1: Down vote for you Clown. You left the dude hanging to dry

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Hahaha! Yeah I know. It might be just as well. I haven’t played campaign since 2017. So I wouldn’t be much help anyway😜

ANyone would be help as you’d join as a casual guy. If you can play versus you can play campaign. It’s all done now. I grinded it out though it’s a ■■■■■ on inconceivable cos one shot kills you most times. One juice scratch and you die. The enemy just auto changes direction to you the moment you have your head exposed or blind fire.

I got my seriously 4.0 done so now just need to do the horde ones like soldiers on lift on insane etc

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