Incomplete, incorrect descriptions (or bugs) of some class skill cards

Some of my personal understanding may be wrong, hope to see you different views
Level 1. 5% critical damage
Level 10. 50% critical damage
(BUG: actually only 25% at level 10)

The blade master
Level 3, melee: increases melee attack damage by 130% (Level 6).
(bug: there is no bonus to bleeding effect. Simple knife, hammer, spear and water pipe are effective)

Level 7, Shock shield: Gain 220 points of shield each time you trigger an electromagnetic blade (level 5). (Shields are not available when the player does not reach full health)

Demolition experts
Level 6, Mastery Launcher: Active reload bars for explosive weapons increased by 220%. Mines, grenade launchers, mechanical bows. (6)
(BUG: GL rifles don’t enjoy bonuses even though they are shown on the icon)

Level 7, custom GL Cavalry Assault Rifle: GL Cavalry Assault rifle damage increased by 60%, active effect increased by 30%. (Level 6). (When holding a GL assault rifle, the GL grenade and razor hail bleed damage from cannon bombardment are now added to the damage, not cannon bombardment body damage.)

Level 9, custom Grenade Launcher: Grenade Launcher damage increased by 60%, active effect increased by 30% (level 6). (When a grenade launcher is in hand, the damage caused by the grenade launcher and razor hail from cannon bombardment will be increased, not cannon bombardment damage.)

Level 10, scout support: Allies mark targets that are also hit by artillery and fire an additional 7 shells. (Level 6) (Base 5 + Scout Support 7, no officer card 6 bonus. No secondary bombing.

Level 16, Confirmed kill: Each enemy killed by a cannon charges the cannon for 25 seconds (level 6). (Cannons will now kill enemies less if they hit them, razors, hail, and blood will not.)


Put the player into stealth, the enemy will not actively attack the player in stealth

Using melee attacks (combat knife, cleaver spear, water pipe) while cloaking does not leave cloaking

No longer comes out of stealth against executing enemies (bayonet assault rifles, cavalry assault rifles)

Firing with vehicles (turrets, mecha) does not leave stealth, but enemies will fire at mecha, mecha and turrets

The turrets in the abyss map will not be actively attacked by enemies, they will normally fire when hidden

Firing a ranged weapon and throwing a grenade will break stealth.

Lasts 15 seconds (evacuation 7.5), cooldown 300 seconds.

Level 2: Within reach: Power pickup range increased by 600%, from 1m to 7m (Level 6)

Level 4, Reaper: The lurker gains 50% of his shield whenever an enemy that has been hurt by the lurker dies while holding a shotgun (level 6). Killing an enemy will heal the player to full health and grant 50% shield. Methods of obtaining shields include but are not limited to melee, grenade, construction, etc.)

Level 12, medical grenade module: maximum shield increased by 230% (Level 6) (500x3.3 = 1650)

Level 9, patience: starts 120 seconds after entry. While the card is active, the player’s X-ray skills recharge quickly at 210% of the speed. The card will be deactivated if it takes any damage, and will be activated again if it does not take any damage for 120 seconds. (Level 6: Cooldown reduced from 400 seconds to 129 seconds, 400÷3.1=129)


Tier 4, Heavy Weapon Capacity: Heavy weapon ammo capacity increased by 150% (Tier 6)

BUG: Increased ammo limit by 115% instead of 150%. Three-barrel machine guns 140 – 301, Moqiu machine guns 250 – 538, Frozen cannon 100 – 215, RL-4 row rocket launchers 20 – 43, Chainsaw gun 30 – 64)

Level 8, Daily practice: Mechanical bow reload speed increased by 30%, mechanical bow active reload bar width increased by 60%. The mechanical bow will reload automatically during the spell duration. (Level 6) (Auto reload cannot trigger active reload, no charge acceleration or damage bonus)

(BUG: the first reload after firing an arrow does not enjoy 60% of the ammo bar effect of daily practice by default, the second active reload will only take effect.)

Level 9, heavy protection: Recoiling shells bounce off physical ballistic weapons: chainsaw guns, grenade launchers, RL-4 rocket launchers, Kestrel and Wind Dragon missiles for 6 seconds, no longer causing a lurch when hit by these explosives. (Level 6) (The duration of persistent battle upgrade is 100%, and the rebound time will not increase after 6 seconds.)

Level 10, Allied Combat: The anti-damage shell reduces the damage taken by Allies by 95% for 6 seconds (level 6).

Level 12, Ultimate power: Each hit reduces the cooldown of Allies within 10 meters by 0.35 seconds (level 6). (The actual effect of this card is measured not by the number of hits, but by the amount of damage taken, the more pain a gunner takes, the faster his ally recovers, and the card does not take effect during the time the gunner opens the anti-damage shell, and any damage reduction and shields reduce the effect.)


During the duration of the big move, the player cannot press the space bar to run, and walking is locked to running state. The player cannot make a powerful hit and is locked into a blocking attack.

Enemies within 2.5 meters of the player will be ignited by the fire aura and put into a burning state for 5 seconds

Immunity to the slow down effect of scaring resistance bullet entries for duration

The split spear will now be carried on your back instead of being held in your hand during this spell, the damage reduction of the spear will still be effective, but you can’t use it to attack, and it will drop its ammo when hit. If the durability of the hammer and spear is depleted the player is frozen in place for 2 seconds, unable to do anything.

Lasts 7.5 seconds and cools for 250 seconds

Passive: Combat knife melee attack, replaced with a critical strike that deals 2250 damage

A powerful hit will stun small enemies (enemies of your own size) for 1 second, but will give you a 1 second forward shake

Unable to launch a powerful blow while holding a cleaver spear

Blocking attack: A melee attack after running for 1 second triggers blocking. No forward swing. 3000 damage

A kill from a blocking attack heals itself and gives it a shield

Unable to launch a blocking attack while holding a cleaver spear

Level 2, Powerful Strike: increases melee damage by 215% and stuns time to 3 seconds. Does not increase block attack damage, and does not increase split spear damage. (Level 3). 15 = 4837.5) (2250 x2.

Level 5, With fire: After actively loading a weapon, bullets have a 30% chance to set enemies on fire, dealing 50 fire damage over a period of 0.1 seconds. Lasts 4.9 seconds. When using a mechanical bow, the active attack is divided into three sections, one section arrows + two explosions, so there are three chances to determine the ignition (basically equal to 100% chance to ignite), and the explosion effect also causes the area ignition effect. However, flame dot damage does not stack and can only be debuff again after the duration is gone.

Torchblock, level 7: This attack puts enemies in a burning state, dealing 275% damage if they are in a burning state (level 6). (3000 x2. 75 = 8250)

Level 11, Burn Enhancement: After killing a burning enemy with a melee attack, it automatically reloads the weapon it currently holds (it must be replaceable, tribals, machine guns, etc.) and increases its damage by 60% (level 6). There is no bonus to power strike, block attack, and Burn duration damage. Also, weapons lose 1.25x damage bonus because they are auto-reload instead of active reload, and weapons like mechanical bows lose acceleration and charge effects.)

Level 15, All Glory: Burning enemies explode upon death, dealing 30% of their maximum hit. enemies hit by this explosion also go into flames (Level 6).

Level 19, Hellfire Mastery: Hellfire Launcher damage increased by 70% (level 6). (50x1.7 =85, add stack with Pyromaniac and Persistent warfare, 50X (1+1+0.7+0.5) = 3.2x50 =160, total damage per fire increased from 2200 to 7840)

Anchor hand

Level 7, Deadly Barrier: Barrier damage increased by 130% (level 6). (Increased by 130% to deal 460 damage every 0.5 second, base damage 200, no damage to the barrier without the card, can sideways break the charge of the orc chiefess, but is not immune to AI cavalry rifle chainsaw execution, boss melee second kill, and enemy melee attacks)

Level 8, Caution: Friendly damage resistance is 100% (level 6). Friendly damage is only available in evacuation mode. With or without a card, ampa’s active reload effect will cause a 5 second stun when hitting a teammate.

BUG: Although the mecha can be used by other players, if the driver drops the line or exits the game while another player is using it, the player who is using the mecha will be stuck in the same place until he is killed and revived by the enemy.

Level 7, aggressive armor: you gain 6 shields when dealing any damage. (Shields are applied to the player, not the mech, so the card has little effect while riding the mech.)

Level 2, Rapid Ice Cannon: Equip silverback mecha with ice cannon, which freezes 50% faster (Level 6)

Level 6, explosive chainsaw gun: Chainsaw flywheel kills enemies with 85% blast radius damage. (6)

Level 10, Mocho: Equip silverback mecha with a mocho machine gun that deals 55% bleed damage (level 6). (No 50% damage upgrade for persistent battles, no 100% ammunition readiness upgrade for persistent battles)

Level 12, Heal triple Lance: Equip a silverback triple lance to heal yourself for 85% of the damage done by the triple lance (level 6). (No 50% damage upgrade for persistent battles, no 100% ammunition readiness upgrade for persistent battles)

Level 13, partner: With 2 or less living teammates, Tai Chi charges at 205% speed. Robot AI is also a partner (level 6). (Basically only in evacuation mode. Normal mecha cooldown is 360 seconds, with card effect enabled mecha cooldown is 210 seconds, reduced by 41.67%)

Level 14 - Cold death - deals 70% freeze damage to enemies hit by 25% or less of their hit. freeze damage does not amount to bonus damage, but only freezes (level 6).

Level 16, Silverback Rocket Launcher: Equipped with silverback Rocket launcher, each enemy hit by the rocket lasts 1.35 seconds longer (level 6) (no 50% damage upgrade for persistent battles, no 100% ammo upgrade for persistent battles)

Level 18, Silverback Hellfire Launcher: Silverback is equipped with hellfire Launcher, which does 120% more damage (level 6). (No 50% damage upgrade for persistent battles, no 100% ammunition readiness upgrade for persistent battles)

Combat medic

Level 2, Healing bounty: Any player who kills a target marked by the combat medic regenerates 1350 hit points, and the combat medic’s great move regenerates for 7 seconds after the target dies (level 6).

Level 9, practical headshot: The medic uses a ballistic weapon to hit an enemy’s weak spot, giving 30 shields to himself and all nearby Allies within 10 meters. (Level 6) (Shields will only be added to players with full life, no shields will be added to players with full life)

(BUG: Bots summoned by Jack and robotician do not work with units controlled by Jack)

Level 10: Overkill: Resuscitate a lying teammate with a great move that gives an uninterruptible 4 health regeneration for 11 seconds after a teammate gets up (similar to the jack sustained health bonus without a card) and 32% damage resistance. (Level 6) (You and your standing teammates do not benefit from any effects, health regeneration does not apply when there is a “restore in cover” entry)

Level 12, Team repair: Team revives fortifications built by the player for 50% of their health, (level 6) (that is, all buildings except assembler and energy shunt, and can be repaired up to 50% of the damaged yellow shadow, free of charge)

Level 16, Resurrection: when a fallen teammate falls, both you and your resurrected teammate gain 80% of their shields (level 6). (400 shield without cap, teammates with shield cap cards will regenerate more (1320 shield with 230% lurk), standing teammates will not enjoy any effect)

The tactician

Summon a supply chest that automatically resupplies all Allies in the area

Supply chest ineffective weapons: Triplex, Late fall machine gun, Frozen cannon, flamethrower, hammer spear, hose, all grenades.

After upgrading the passive explosive charge supply, explosive ammunition can be recovered, including piloting the player’s mecha rocket launcher

Last for 10 seconds and cool for 300 seconds.

Passive: enemies marked by the tactician are killed by the tactics themselves or by a teammate, and the player who kills them gains 5 seconds of power.

Level 18, Strict discipline: If you hit an enemy with a ballistic weapon in a row for 5 seconds, all ballistic weapons you carry do 6% more damage, up to 100% (level 6). (Gl-grenade bullets, grenade explosions, and continuous bleeding with bleed cards trigger this ability, reaching level 4 with one half of a grenade is 100% damage.)

The mechanic

Summon turrets from which you or any of your teammates can fire.

The mechanic himself can move the turret position and view the turret status at will.

Teammates may not move turrets.

People using the repair tool can see the remaining health and ammo of the turret, and the repair can replenish health and ammo.

The turret lasts 48 seconds and cools down for 300 seconds.

Summon turret health 10000, ammo load 450, damage 675, rate of fire 10 rounds per second, overheat after 50 rounds in a row, it takes 1.6 seconds to dissipate heat to continue firing (once overheat can’t fire for 2 seconds after cooling, 2 seconds +1.6 seconds)

The turret cannot deal critical damage and cannot Pierce the front armor of the warden and matriarch

Turrets enjoy increased health and damage from overloading, fortifications and other skill cards (plus and plus). Using the repair tool will normally replenish health and ammo (ammo is useless, the duration of ammo is up).

Full liter: 675X (1+0.5+0.4) +675X (0.3x5) =1282.5+1012.5=2295

Level 2, crafty: Speed of building repair and turret ammo replenishment increased by 60%, cost of repair and ammo reduced by 30% (level 6). (+30%=60%)

Level 3, malware: Repairing for 1 second reduces the cooldown of mana by 2.25 seconds (level 6). (Turret cooldown speeds up during repair, each second of repair equals 2.25 seconds of natural turret cooldown.)

Level 4, fortifications: fortifications built by artisans increase health by 175%, no bonus to buildings built by teammates (level 6). Stack with passive upgrades at 100% plus for fortifications health X3.75. - This is effective against daju turret.

Level 5, Armor plating: Fortifications resist 32% damage when their health is greater than 50%, no bonus to teammate buildings (level 6). First of all, barriers reduce their durability when they do damage to enemies. The effect of this card is to reduce the damage done by enemies attacking buildings. Instead of: the building’s own durability reduced when dealing damage to enemies.

Level 7, Super Armory: Weapon lockers built by artisan themselves reload 27% faster, no bonus to buildings built by teammates (Level 6)

Level 9, Efficient Sentry: Resupply of machinegun and electromagnetic turret ammo, cost reduced by 55% (Level 6) (Resupply ammo cost reduced by 85% when combined with level 2 card, 5% for protracted battle upgrade repair, resupply free =30%+55+30%=115%)

Tier 10, efficient build: cost of tier 1 fortifications reduced by 32% (tier 6). (Stacks with 15% price reduction for passive skills (15+32), but building upgrades to levels 2, 3, and 4 are no longer reduced by this card.)

Level 11, Custom robotics: Dibi weapons damage increased by 60%, active effects increased by 30% (level 6). (Submachine guns, electromagnetic guns, triple-barreled guns, etc., all get bonuses. Stun grenades only get bonuses for the first blast, not for continuous shocks.)

Level 12, Overload: Fortifications built by artisans themselves do 40% more damage if they hit 50% health, no bonus to buildings built by teammates (level 6). (stacks with 50% plus passive upgrades for fortifications damage X1.9, effective against master turrets)

Level 16, Healing Healing: While continuing to heal, you gain 3.4% shield per second. (grade 6). (500x0.034 =17)

Level 19, Frenzied Shredding: anyone riding a summoned turret will bleed 30% more damage when shooting from a summoned turret (level 6). (This damage only increases by 30% of the original 675 damage, and does not benefit from the 40% increase in overloading and 50% increase in persistent fortifications damage.)


Summon a DR1 robot with a triple-barreled machine gun to assist in combat. The summon is located around the player, but can also be teleported upstairs or downstairs.

For 40 seconds, cool for 300 seconds.

Single bullet 375 damage (250 base, 312.5 evacuation), 750 head shots.

The DR1 robot follows the player around, striking randomly when not specified, and executing fallen enemies

Not too much health per se (4800? Guess)

The enemy range is not as far as the level 4 turret, the player can mark an enemy with Q, and the robot may attack the enemy you mark, or it may ignore it.

Level 3: Intuitive Snipe: Hit an enemy in a row for 4 seconds with a precision weapon, increasing the regeneration rate of great moves by 60%. Every second is 1.6 seconds (level 6).

Level 4, Combat Engineer: 330% faster while performing sustained repair actions for more than 2 seconds (level 6). (Increase the amount of basic repair of maintenance tools. The calculation method is 50x4.3 =215. [bug Mc-10862] - only increases the repair regeneration rate, but does not increase the turret ammo replenishment rate.

Level 5, Explosive Kill: An enemy lying on the ground explodes, dealing 55% splash damage to nearby enemies. (Level 6). (Noumenon, turrets, barriers and DR1 are all effective against enemies.)

Level 6, Universal sentry Upgrade: All machine gun turrets on the map (including those built by teammates), damage increased by 35% (level 6). (Does not work against thunder, barriers, mechanic turrets, etc.)

Level 10, Blood Support: When DR1 support is on but not summoned, attack an enemy with a precision weapon that deals 35% of the bullet’s bleed damage over time. (Level 6).

BUG: The card counts blood damage for base weapon damage instead of the 1.5x bonus of persistent battles, and blood damage for head shots and body shots is the same, active reload increases blood damage by 25%.

BUG: Falling bleed kills do not trigger level 5 card explosion kills.

BUG: Enemies killed by Bleed damage no longer benefit from the level 11 card’s precision building regeneration.

The stats below are 25% bleed for tier 5 cards, same bleed for body shots and weak spots

Ampa: 200X5, active load 250X5

Snipe =312X5, active reload 390X5

Masak =50X5, active reload 62.5x5

Mechanical bow =585X2X5, or (585+6) X2X5 if the bow shoots the head

Level 11, Precision repair: Kills enemies with precision weapons, heals 1600 health for all fortifications (level 6). (Level 10 Card Blood supports enemies killed by Blood and cannot trigger health regeneration)

Level 12, Experimental weapon: Dibbi weapons do 100% more damage to enemies with less than 50% health, and DiBBi weapons do 50% more active loading damage (level 6). For tier 5 cards, the active gain is calculated as final damage X1.35, for example, the ampa sniper active body 1500, active head shot 3000, active body 2025 when carrying cards, head shot 4050. Normally only the Ampa sniper, Kill shotgun, and Enforcer submachine gun will get a 35% active increase, but all dibi weapons will get a 35% increase when they have a special active reload.

Experimental weapon also increases blood support cards

No ka 'ampa: 200X5, active load 250X5

With Ka 'ampa: 200X5, active loading 337.5x5

Below 50% health with ka 'ampa: 200x1.7 =340X5, active loading 250x1.7x35 = 573.75x5

Level 13, farewell gift: Grenades do 100% more damage when they stick to enemies (level 6). (10000 x2 = 20000)

Level 15, Universal Overclocked weapon: All weapon lockers on the map reload 55% faster (level 6) (Bug: Level 3 40% reloads only 28.3%, Level 4 weapon lockers reload from 120 seconds to 86 seconds)


Control an enemy to fight for you, the controlled enemy will automatically restore full health

Jack can’t control enemies when grabbing items

Pistols and grenades held by enemies are automatically replaced with rifles

Hold most enemies for 30 seconds, pounded beasts for 25 seconds, and rejected, stallions, and offspring for 20 seconds

Unable to control bosses, wardens, sentinels, guardians, bloodsuckers, etc

Enemies will not actively attack units you control from a distance, unless you actively attack those targets and do damage, or you build barriers, turrets, etc that do damage to those targets.

Once the control is removed, the enemy is freed and continues to attack the player

Passive: the enemy hit by the left button of the main weapon shock shock will enter 50% vulnerable state, continuous shock will make small and medium enemies will enter a rigid state, unable to move and attack.

Stunning Shock base damage 45, 14 jumps per second, 630 per second

Lasts up to 4.7 seconds and overheats to 2970 damage.

Right click releases a healing beam that heals teammates, buildings, and vehicles, supplying ammunition to turrets and vehicles.

Jack will lose invisibility in charge, capture, attack, heal, repair, or pick up weapons.

The invisible Jack will disengage within 3 meters of the enemy.

Picking up a dead party’s dog tag will no longer remove invisibility.

Repair penalty: Jack costs 3.75 times as much to repair a building as any other class, so don’t let Jack fix anything unless you have to

Fix a broken level 4 decoy, price = 12000x0.2 + 12000x0.75x0.08x3.75 =2400+2700=5100

Jack repair: speed 45, 14 hops per second, 630 repair per second, 189 energy per second

130% Repair card: 103.5 repair speed, 14 hops per second, 1449 repair per second, 434.7 energy per second

Repair kit: speed 50, 7 hops per second, 350 repairs per second, 28 energy per second

Ingenious and efficient repair: 80 speed, 7 hops per second, 560 repair per second, 31.36 energy per second

Combat Engineer: speed 215, 7 hops per second, repair 1505 per second, cost 120.4 energy per second

The mechanic

Fixed a broken level 4 decoy, price = (3000X (1-0.15-0.32) +3000X (1-0.15) X3) X0.2+ 12000x0.75x0.08x0.7 =1848+504=2352

If the mechanic has a building reinforcement card: 1848+ 33000x0.75x0.08x0.7 =1848+1386=3234

The robot

Fix a broken level 4 decoy, price = (12000 (1-0.15)) X0.2+ 12000x0.75x0.08 =2040+720=2760


Fix a broken level 4 decoy, price = 12000x0.2 =2400

Repair mechanic level 4 decoy with card, price = (3000X (1-0.15-0.32) +3000X (1-0.15) X3) X0.2=1848

Fixed robot level 4 decoy, price = (3000X (1-0.15) X4) X0.2=2040

Level 2, healing area: Right-click healing and repair beams range increased by 70% (level 6). (The actual increased distance is less than 5 meters)

Level 3, Shock Beam upgrade: Left button, Shock damage increased by 130% (level 6), base damage increased from 45 to 103.5, damage per second increased from 630 to 1449, output to overheat damage increased to 6831.

Level 4: Optimization Tool: Furnace Increases the power each party gains while melting weapons by 150% (level 6). (The effect is very strong, but jack repeatedly shuttled to the battlefield to pick up weapons and smelt them. Picking up only one weapon at a time was quite a waste of time. Jack ran from the furnace to the position where the enemy dropped weapons and pressed E to pick them up, and then returned to the furnace and pressed E to smelt them. Tier 4 Iron Factory + Tier 6 Carjack, 75% of the cost of a recovered weapon.

(One gear: 2000-2500:50 energy for tier 1 furnace, 100 energy for Tier 2 Furnace, 200 energy for Tier 3 Furnace, 300 energy for Tier 4 Furnace)

(Level 2:3000-4000: Level 1 Furnace 75 energy, Level 2 150 energy, Level 3 300 energy, Level 4 450 energy)

(3 tiers: 4000+ : Tier 1 Furnace 100 energy, Tier 2 200 energy, Tier 3 400 energy, Tier 4 600 energy)

The level 4 furnace costs 40,000 yuan, which requires at least 27 weapons under 4000 yuan and 18 weapons costing 4000 yuan.

Level 5, Portable resupply: chang 'an E regenerates ammo 125% faster when holding weapons in hand, and remains invisible while carrying weapons and caisson, but remains visible for 0.5 seconds. (6)

  • Tier 6 recharges 12.5 times faster than tier 1 and 5 times faster than Tier 4, some weapons reach their maximum recharges in 16 seconds due to a BUG (e.g. grenade launcher, reload to 2 rounds) If you reload your weapon and drop it on the ground for Jack to pick up, hold it in your hand for 24 seconds and reload it up to the maximum of 3 rounds. )

BUG: Similar to the GL cavalry rifle, most weapons can only reload at 80% of the limit, such as the kill shotgun limit of 20 rounds, which reaches 80% at 16 seconds – 16 rounds, and Jack stops reloading.

The way to avoid bugs is to actively reload the weapon and place it on top of the armoury – or drop it on the ground (Jack must pick it up within 10 seconds). This will allow you to reload the full 100% cap ammo.

If you drop a weapon on the ground, the weapon with 0 ammo will disappear, so at least 1 round must be left to keep the weapon alive.

Take a kill shotgun for example: Save 1 round of ammo, actively reload the weapon, drop it on the ground, jack picks it up and recharges it to 17 in 24 seconds.

Leave 4 rounds of ammo on the ground (a magazine is 4 rounds), actively reload the weapon, drop it on the ground, Jack picks it up, and charge it to 20 rounds in 24 seconds.

Level 10, Mind Control Expert: “hijacked” enemies gain an additional shield equal to 100% of their maximum hit. shields do not recover when attacked. (5)

Level 12, Burst Hijacking: When a player - controlled enemy dies or releases control, it causes an explosion that kills the player - controlled enemy, increasing the damage by 130% (level 6). Control Blaster (a fledgling with a grenade attached to its body) explodes when it runs into an enemy group, giving it a chance to recharge instantly with hijack.

Level 19. Courage: Control enemy damage with 70% bleed damage. (6) (BUG: jack “hijacked” bleeding after damage, is not in accordance with the “action 4 patch: weapons in the protracted war with 1.5 times damage”, but is calculated according to the base damage of weapons, so will cause harm to bleed data do not tally with the protracted war skill card description, the card of the actual damage only panel data of 50% or lower.)

BUG: Attack weakness does not affect sustained bleeding damage

BUG: Mechanical bow has no regenerative acceleration effect after active loading

Rejected mortal melee: damage 200, bleed 100X5, deal 700 damage each time

Melee: 750 damage, 375X5 bleed, 2625 damage per shot

Nash Shotgun: 3750 active damage, 675X5 bleed, 7125 damage per shot

Cavalry assault rifle: active damage 103, bleed 34X5, deal 273 damage per shot. (executes enemies at close range) - Cyclops, Royal guards

Thunderstorm Assault Rifle: Active 337.5x6, bleed 37.5x6x5, deal 3150 damage per shot

Claw light machine gun: Active damage 787, bleed 87X5, deal 1222 damage per shot

Ampa Electromagnetic Gun: Active damage 3600, bleed 500X5, deal 6100 damage per shot (active reload causes small enemies to freeze for 5 seconds)

Mechanical Bow: Active damage 37+500+1000+2343, Bleed 12X5+1171X2X5, deal 15590 damage per shot

Autumn Machine Gun: 675 damage, 75X5 bleed, 1050 damage per shot. (Extremely fast rate of fire and cooldown, but the bullet dispersion can only hit medium and short range targets, or long range large targets

4 rocket: damage 1500X3, bleed 750X3X5, deal 15750 damage per shot. (Continuous firing without reload time)


Improved melee attack speed of F increased during the duration of melee attack (including mallet, spear, pipe)

Improved melee damage increases by 50% for duration of melee attacks, but does not increase the bleed effect of melee attacks

Even with improved melee attacks, you can’t hit the warden or the matriarch from the front, you can only play rigor rigor (the effect of rigor is exactly the same as that of the slugger), because rigor doesn’t last long, and when the network speed is not good, the enemy can hit the player in the gap and kill the player

Level 2, Medical absorption: a melee attack gains 120 shields when it deals damage (level 6). Shields are not available unless the player is at full health. (The lurker’s card effect is to restore full life and gain a shield as long as it makes a kill)

Level 4, Melee impact: Melee kills coolen melee attacks for 35 seconds (level 6). (Bayonet rifle charge execution can also trigger this effect)

Level 6, weakening gear: Split spear, water pipe deals 130% bleed damage (level 6). (2500x1.3 =3250 for hammergrass base damage of 2500,130%.)

Bleed BUG: This BUG will cause enemies to bleed like crazy and then die while carrying a Hellfire Thrower. Same with GL grenades.

Level 8, First strike: Deals 100% bonus damage to enemies with 90% or more health (level 6). (There is no bonus to water pipes, no bonus to the bleeding effects of hammer spears and water pipes.)

Level 16, GRACE Splash Damage: Enemies killed by melee or bleed will explode and deal 85% of their damage. (6)

The architect

Deploy a hologram decoy that moves straight forward, and all enemies within range, including the boss, are taunted, constantly attacking the hologram.

The taunt range is about 10 meters, and the hatred is higher than both the player and the bait

Unlike construction lures, enemies tend to attack holographic lures at close range

Level 3, deception: hit enemies from the side or back with a ballistic weapon for 200% more damage (level 6). Ampa sniper rifle, active reload + weak spot damage =3000X3=9000. Buildings do not enjoy this bonus, and the late fall machine guns, triple-barreled guns, mechanical bows, GL cavalry grenades, etc., do not enjoy this bonus, as do the power gun cards.

Level 4, top: Fortifications built by the architect themselves do 40% more damage when health is above 50% (level 6). (stacks with 50% plus passive upgrades for defensive damage X1.9)

Level 7, Medpack capacity: Max shield increased by 210% (Rank 6). (500 x3. 1 = 1550)

Level 8, Malware: Continuous repair of buildings reduces the cooldown of master moves by 2.25 seconds per second (level 6). (Same as mechanic cards)

Level 12, Hologram extension: The architect can extend the duration of existing hologram effects when hitting enemies with any weapon. The higher the damage dealt, the longer the duration. This damage extension rate is 100%. (Level 6) (If you hit a large number of enemies with a triple-barreled or late-fall machine gun or grenade launcher, the image lasts almost forever)

BUG: No ballistic weapon restrictions, any weapon including explosives


And leaving us hanging like this?! Your own well-being is secondary to providing this crucial information!


This is intended. If Brawler and Blade Dancer also increased bleed damage then that would be incredibly busted. If the bleed increased then Blademaster would easily be the best class in the game because everything would die so fast. No matter how high you get your melee damage, your bleed will always be calculated off that base 750 melee and 375 kick.

I’ve never experienced this one. I used to use Shock Shield alot and I’ve never not gotten the full shields when I use electroblade.

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Slam Destroyer: When hitting an enemy with a ballistic weapon, this effect stiffens, affecting most enemies

Some bosses are invalid, Kestrel (helicopter).

Ballistic weapon damage +50% over duration (increases GL grenade, stacking with passive addition)

Level 4, Energy gun: Bullets from ballistic weapons Pierce enemies and damage those behind them. Ballistic weapons do 60% damage (level 6). (Grenade damage not added to GL cavalry rifle also does not work against triple-barreled machine guns, twilight machine guns, chainsaw guns, flamethrowers, hammermaw, mechanical bows, etc.) (Cannot penetrate shields, cannot penetrate matriarch frontal armor, cannot penetrate Warden hammermaw head, cannot penetrate rampart barriers.)

Guess I should’ve stood with my main class: melee

Also do we have any lurker mains on the forums?

Sry, had to do it :smiley:

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Speaking of, I’ve been wondering if I should lose the Brawler card and take something instead for damage protection. Do you use the Brawler card?

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I havent taken Brawler off since they made Lahni/BM good in OP4. Its just too good. Imo, the absolute best setup for BM is : Thrill of the Hunt, Shock Chain, Brawler, Blade Dancer and Energy Surge. TOTH and Energy Surge offer very very good protection. Shock Chain, Brawler and Blade Dancer offer extreme (and legit) damage and some of the best crowd control in the game falling short only to Nomad.

I only recommend the deflect cards if a person is new to CQC since this game is the first PvE to make it good. I dont find either deflect card useful because I dont find myself going down to ballistic guns, just Boomshot Scions( not a complaint, I love that theres an enemy that i struggle against) and the occasional chainsaw. Which neither deflect wi help with. Now if BM had Infiltrator’s card called Driven (32% resistance to explosions) then i would take Blade Dancer off for it.

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Okay so I’m already using the same as you. Got it.

I didn’t know if the fact that bleed accounts for so much of your damage means that the Brawler card is redundant.


Most of the work is being done by raw melee damage. The bleed just finishes off the enemies that didn’t die to melee.


Yeah the Brawler card just increases the base melee damage. From 750 to 1725. If it increased bleed by 130%, it would be so busted lmao. Nobody would be able to contribute to any damage as any other class.

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Oh I knew that. My question was more, “if the bleeding keeps stacking with every hit, is the higher base melee damage even worth it or should I pick a different card”.

The damage difference is pretty significant, especially for Drone enemies.

But it’s far from necessary. You’ll just notice that enemies take longer to die off from regular melee bleed.

I play Protector without the Big Knife card, so I imagine it would go like that. Certainly doable, but since BM benefits from a bleed or melee kill, they should kill them faster.

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It depends on your playstyle. With both res cards(how I used to play), it’s kind of absurd how much you can tank from enemies. I’m talking getting shot by multiple Drone Elites and a Deadeye without a single care in the world absurd.

It doesn’t have the extreme damage output of both melee damage bonuses, and you’d have to choose between Blade Dancer, Brawler or Shock Chain, but it absolutely works. You do need to be more disciplined in target choice, and careful about Sires or sawers, during the ult if you don’t use Shock Chain.

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The only card that is necessary is TOTH. The other 4 cards can be whatever suits someone’s playstyle. That’s the cool thing about BM, the class has so many cards which means alot of build diversity.

Meanwhile my other CQC faves, Striker and Infiltrator, have exactly one card set and no reason to pick anything else lol.

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Blademaster is easily the best class lol.

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That damn robot helicopter ruins the chances BM has at the top spot, imo lol

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Yeah its unfortunate. BM was good in OP4 but im glad Michael Shannon became PvE lead because he boosted BM up so well in OP5.

Atleast the one build Infiltrator has is godly. Stim on shotgun kill was one of the best changes to happen.


Too bad most public lobby BMs opt for a brutal claw set up and never perk up bleed damage since people are hard wired into depositing every wave.