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Can GW5 Include everyone in the who is not Caucasian AfroCarbian Latiano or Somian. Why are no Asin characters (Kim is a token inclusion) .I think everyone nationality and race should be reprosented. Sorry my spelling is poor.

It’s a game - it doesn’t have to be politically correct.

I’m not going to be offended if the national sport of Sera isn’t Football :soccer: :goal_net: :uk:.


Im not interested in being politically correct I think TC could be alienating a massive fan base by not getting tgeir heads out of their ■■■■■

The game doesnt take place on Earth. Its a fictional planet called Sera

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Agreed. Politics is a subject that - so far, from what I can tell - isn’t exactly commonly represented in Gears, if at all. If it is, it’s at least subtle or not immediately obvious or hinted at whatsoever. Which is something I don’t mind. Politics are already annoying enough irl. Why would we need it in games where it hasn’t really existed in the first place? “Racial” inclusion for the sake of representing every different type of human is kind of pointless.


What difference would it make if TC added in a couple of characters?

Like not much tbh.

I want the best story and best characters, not for the sake of being PC.

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It’s all about survival, I’m sure certain places got wiped out and so did it’s people.

What’s next OP?

Midget COG Soldier … oopsie small people?

Tranny Gear with visible member hanging around; because of inclusion?

Wheelchair COG Gear? Blind COG Gear?

Where and when does this SJW madness stop?

I am so happy Cyberpunk and Doom developers showed them the middle finger when they complained.

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Where’s my Scottish COG character?! Complete with the angry expression, ginger hair and tartan-skin Lancer!

But being serious, I hate snowflakes. I don’t like the idea that everything these days has to appeal to every race and both genders simultaneously to the point it ruins films. Poor Ghostbusters…Green Lantern…Terminator…

Sometimes it good and sometimes it’s irrelevant or not needed.

Games in general are definitely the latter.

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Indeed, there’s a hell of a lot more different races out there than people think. To cram all of them into one game would not only look ridiculous, but would not do justice to any individual character due to the wide spread of focus.

Having to explain that is ridiculous in itself.

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Oh and as for Kim, he’s made 3 separate appearances in 3 different games. So he’s enough to represent all Asians.

Plus, we wouldn’t want to upset the General by introducing another, would we? (Randomly Assassinates Asian Man).


I have a feeling TC will introduce a ‘rainbow’ flag in 5, for all them LGBT people…

I’m pretty sure that character now exists. Mac from the new comics/Escape mode trailer.

And? Who does that hurt?
There is nothing wrong with making people feel welcome, especially if it come at the simply cost of a flag being added to the game.

I can hear RAAM now…

(Upon jamming a weapon) “No!”.

Your obviosly upset but your very funny.Lol