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Incinderary Grenades Horde - Keegan


I wanted to asked if anyone knows if Incinderary Grenades in horde is classes as an axplosive damage? I asked this becuase I know the description in Horde cards can be extreamly vague, and I want to know if Keegan Shredder** card effects his incinderary grenades since he can only purchase incinderary grenades.

Explosive hits cause bleeding for 20% of damage.


Pretty sure you will only get bleed damage from explosive gear such as boom, frags, dropshot, torquebow and salvo

Flame nades cause burn damage and shock is electric.

Just 1 more fail from TC given keegan flame nades and not normal frags

If you have a JD in the gm just ask them to give\buy you some.:+1::+1:

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