Incentive to play Horde in 5?

I just had this thought after getting more useless epic score boost cards Why am I even bothering to play for what?

In G2 it was a true test of skill to get to 50 and to a lesser extent 3 with all the variant in enemies the horde was fun
and in G4 you get a lot of credits to go to buying packs but in 5 ? a couple of cards that I will never use

and the headache to finally get a game with a character you want to play with a team that has an unselfish scout and to get that after an hour then sit through 2.5 hours on insane for 7 green cards and 3 purple score boost cards

Had a sad moment realizing my favorite mode kicks me in the balls everytime I finish a match


To me, Horde in G5 does not provide enough rewards to play it.

A horde normal run is 2 to 2.5 hours (Speed Run takes 1.2 to 1.4 hours) to complete a 50 wave run, getting like 10 to 15 cards and about ~10K Exp (Cant remember if it’s with boost or not)

In Escape I get 5 cards per run and ~3K Exp (~1.5K without boost) and takes nearly 15 min per run

So that would mean I can complete around 6 runs of escape in master and get around 30 cards and ~18K Exp so it is obviously more rewarding than horde, which also happens to have horrible rarity drop rates.

To be honest, I don’t enjoy playing horde in this game and with rewards and time invested like this is even worse, hope they fix it (I think they wont)

*The XP amounts stated are for characters (don’t know about level values)

P.S: Also tried horde events and I can’t believe I get sleepy in just 20 waves… that said I did only 20 waves of jingle juvies and wont do the other 80 waves for the skins, since its boring


The incentive it’s that you had fun while playing horde.


Exactly! When it stops being fun I won’t play anymore.


I agree . however Gears of War its a game that can’t be left behind… for the most of us its the only thing we know man :smile:

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I enjoy that team talk & chat with gaming friends in horde … 5 friends did Forefathers on master tonight … we all went down at 20 due to a miserable Swarmack who was angry re its lack of Christmas pressies and then ran again and finished all 50 waves … despite same Swarmack coming around at wave 50

Managed to get a couple of jd free games recently…much more fun…even on a lesser difficulty…future aint bright for horde though🙄

Now you sound like Cole pretending to recognize the Swarmak in Settlement 2 that shot down the Raven he was in.

Re the original topic, I sometimes find it hard to find a reason to play 5s Horde other than somehow passing my time cause I often just end up doing the exact same thing over and over, no thanks to the restrictive hero rubbish, and players choosing the same maps 90% of matches(Gears 4 maps, Exhibit, and with Operation 2 Allfathers Arena joined the club - much as I like this last one, only doing it all of the time gets boring too quickly) because they are “easiest”(except for maybe Lift which I don’t know if it’s better in 5 due to categorically refusing to play the maps I just spent 2+ years playing in Gears 4), not mentioning the awful “rewards” given for completing a Horde match if RNG decides to screw you over, and character imbalances(and atrocious enemy balancing). If it was fun and not a stupidly annoying hassle to try finding a match because of the above mentioned factors I’d be more tempted to play this Horde, but it just isn’t that way.


Maybe not but I’ll keep playing it I’m sure until 6 comes out just like I did the previous ones.

for putting 2.5 hrs into one match the exp/skill cards your receive is awful in comparison to escape matches. (been playing them more and more recently)

i think they need to permanently introduce a 20 waves match like they do with holiday events.

Horde is starting to really become a chore and this is coming from a long time horde player


Be less of a victim.

You could host.

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Grinding for Classic Baird (need 4k more kills) and I’m out.
That having been said it’s kinda relaxing to grind horde with baird’s bleeding spikes while doing something else, like watch youtube/listen to a podcast.

Like others have said horde is a chore to play, i’ve started games recently and ended up quitting through pure boredom or once the base it setup I afk and watch tv and i’ve played this mode for hours and hours over the years but every game plays the same with gears 4 and 5. The cards you get at the end are rarely the ones you want/need, which makes it even more pointless.

We need more gears 2/3 enemies and remove the robots, more/new base defenses, enemies to have less health on higher difficulties but have more of them and spawn them in quicker, more/new bosses, more/new weapons, more new maps and not remakes, wave challenges etc etc

However, I don’t think horde mode will get much love seeing as gears 4 got nothing added to it except maps but I’ll keep checking here for updates and I may return to actually playing it one day.


Good to know; Thanks. I just picked up the game on sale, was disappointed seeing only a 50 wave horde mode, and since the rewards are lame I’ll stay away from it.

Whenever I have tried I’d sit in the lobby for 15-30+ minutes and perpetually get players leaving and joining or straight up not joining at all, and I don’t really want to take chances of starting it alone and potentially getting low levels into the match, though it may not be as much of an issue if the kick function does actually work in-game as well now.

We’re all in the same low-population boat bro.

It’s a struggle.

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Played incon run tonite…disappointing as cog gear basically saving team revive to help team…lancer with 60% damage…whatever pointless…even when i got torque…headshots basically do nothing…never has a game like gears 5…and a mode like horde…gone so backwards🙄

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We will understand if you don’t play anymore. A trishot would still be very effective.

For a basic player maybe…personally dont sit with heavy weapons…but if it works for you…lovely😁

I don’t complain about the worthlessness of certain characters but whatever.